Reverse Engineering & Microbenchmarking the Nvidia Denver 2 CPU

Understand and microbenchmark the proprietary Denver 2 CPU and compare it to other state-of-the-art CPU designs.

Nvidia Tegra X2 SoC Module

The Nvidia Denver 2 CPU architecture can be found on Nvidia's Tegra X2 System-on-Chips. And it is today used in platforms such at the Drive PX2 and Jetson TX2. We want to understand the architecture of the processor and how it compares to other state of the art ARM and x86 CPUs. To do this we need to use microbenchmarking to to characterize the processor design. The understanding of the architecture will be used for generating more high-fidelity programming and energy models for these platforms.


Learning outcome

In-depth knowledge and understanding of low-level CPU optimizations.



Good low-level computer systems understanding. The student should have completed, INF3151 or equivalent.

Publisert 29. mai 2018 15:56 - Sist endret 29. mai 2018 15:58


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