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We investigate the structure and function of medically important proteins.

Enzyme model

Above is an artistic impression of the model enzyme chorismate mutase in action. Yellow colored chorismate molecules coming in from the left are transmuted via a bicyclic transition state (here depicted with a light orange transition state analog) to prephenate, shown in orange. There was a decade-long debate on how this enzyme achieves its catalytic efficiency, which has now been resolved experimentally (Credit: Daniel Burschowsky).  

What we do

Integrated Structural Biology

Our main expertise is in protein crystallography, which is a high-precision technique to elucidate the 3D-structure of proteins and other macromolecules. Depending on the project, we also apply NMR spectroscopy, cryo-electron microscopy or small-angle scattering techniques. Our main interest is in medically relevant systems, such as anti-cancer antibodies and bacterial toxins, in particular those involving protein-carbohydrate interactions or enzymes.

In several projects we are involved in developing drugs (structure-based drug design). 


Our research groups are associated to PX-OsloGlycoNor and BioCat, and have a large network of international collaborations.

Scientific Staff


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