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Bio3 - Chemical Life Sciences

Bio3: Biomolecules, bio-inspired materials and bioanalytical chemistry is located at the Department of Chemistry (University of Oslo, Norway). We are interested in molecular interactions, biomembranes and cell signaling, which we investigate with a variety of different technologies.

Bio3:  where chemistry meets biology and materials science.

We study how medicines and antibiotics can be administrated using nanoparticles, using polymer- and peptide chemistry; characterize membrane interactions using models for cell membranes in combination with microfluidics and optical and scattering techniques; identify compounds in cells and vesicles using analytical chemistry; and analyze high-resolution 3D-structures of proteins and their interactions using crystallography. Technology development is an important aspect of our work. Main targets are metabolites, (glyco)lipids, proteins and other (bio)polymers as well as novel materials inspired by nature.

Bio3 provides an open and positive research environment, where the different backgrounds and expertise of its members lead to cross-fertilization and collaboration at its best. Research fields span the development and applications of novel separation/detection technology, the synthesis and characterization of novel bio-inspired materials, and the structure/function analysis of medically important biological systems.

Master and Bachelor projects

We offer Master's projects within bioanalytical chemistry, polymer chemistry, soft matter, protein crystallography, molecular biology and protein chemistry. We also offer projects for Bachelor students (KJM3010, KJM3020 or KJM3030) within the areas described above. For some of the projects, it is helpful to have taken courses in molecular biology and/or protein chemistry. Best if you contact the individual supervisors depending on your field of interest.

Potential supervisors are Hanne Røberg-Larsen & Steven R. H. Wilson (bioanalytical chemistry); Alessia Battigelli, Irep Gözen & Reidar Lund (Biosoft matter); and Nikolina Sekulic, Hans-Petter Hersleth & Ute Krengel (Biochemistry/structural biology).

Please contact us for further information!

Sustainability Goals

Our research and activities are connected to: 3 Good health and well-being, 4 Quality education, 5 Gender equality, 7 Affordable and clean energy, 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure. Read also about Bio3´s Abelone M. Tislevoll, winner of the UiO Sustainability Prize.

Job prospects

Most of our candidates take jobs in industry (e.g., in pharmaceutical industry), or in academia, administration, or education. - Or would you like to take a PhD?

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