Nuclear Chemistry Group (NuC)

We use radioactivity as a tool for research in many areas. Our main research focus is: PET and Radiopharmaceutical chemistry (RPC, Riss group), and Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Applications (NCIA, Omtvedt group).



NuC Head, Professor
Associate Professor
Dag Ø. Eriksen
Project Head Hydromet
Zeljka Raskovic-Lovre
Radiation Protection Coordinator

Research Groups

PET and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry (RPC)

Group Leader Patrick Riss

Nuclear Chemistry and Industrial Applications (NCIA)

Group Leader Jon Petter Omtvedt

Quantitative imaging with PET provides invaluable information about molecular processes in living subjects. The true potential of PET, however, is in the radiotracer, a molecular probe formed by combination of a positron emitting radionuclide with a molecular entity that participates in an undisturbed biochemical process of interest. Thereby, PET imaging allows accurate quantification of in vivo physiology and biochemical processes. Radiotracers offer unique capabilities for studying chemical or physica processes without actually interfering with the process itself. We use radiotracer techniques to investigate important industrial problems, for example for retriving important metals from minerals and industrial waste streams. We also use radiochemical separation techniques to do fundamental studies of so-called super-heavy elements - artificially made elements which is not found in nature. 

Why is RPC under the Section for Environmental Science?

Currently the question about how the PET and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry research should be organized at UiO is unsolved. Until this has been settled, the RPC sub-group headed by Patrick Riss is organisatorically placed under the Section for Environmental Science. Management thus follow this line:

Riss (RPC Head) -> Omtvedt (NuC Head) -> Nielsen (Section Head) -> Døhl (Institute Head)

Research wise PET and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry ("Riss Group") is not part of the section, but is closely related to the rest of the Nuclear Chemistry group ("Omtvedt group") that is forming a natural part of the Section for Environmental Science. Of course, everybody involved in RPC research are most welcome to join in all Section activity and meetings.

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