Research activities

NAFUMA has broad activities, streching from synthesis and structure determination to property studies and theory.

Materials for energy applications are one common denominator; hydrogen storage materials, Li-ion battery materials, TCOs and conversion layers for next generation solar cells. A second is materials for environmental friendly process technology and catalysis; microporous catalysts for natural gas conversion; metalorganic framework structures MOFs for selective absorption and gas separation, metal-on-support catalysts. NAFUMA prioritizes further fundamental studies on structure, magnetic and electric properties of oxides, and of compounds with main group 15, 16, 17 elements (e.g. magnetic, multiferroic, ferroelectric, or superconducting materials).

The core activities can be summarized under the headings:

  • Synthesis of novel materials
  • Thin films and nanoparticles
  • Crystal structure determination
  • Space and time resolved in-situ studies
  • Physical properties
  • Computational materials science