ALD sub-group at Nafuma

The thin film activities within the Nafuma-group  are mainly based on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) in addition to activities within electrospinning, and sol-gel based approaches.

The main research focus of the thin film activities is on growth of complex oxides, organic- inorganic hybrid materials, biocompatible surfaces, and Li-ion battery materials. We use the superior control of the ALD technique to build materials and structures in a controlled manner.

Our ALD activities began in the middle of 1990ies and we obtained our first reactor at UiO in 1998. We have since expanded to a total of 9 reactors with necessary infrastructure, being a combination of commercial and home-made units ranging from 1" size to 1600 cm3 and a separate powder unit capable to depositing on 100 cm3 in one run. The research activities have also led to formation of the spin-off company Baldur Coatings AS which has licenced several of the processes developed at UiO.

Our activities have given us the capability of depositing compounds based on numerous different elements. A representation of the elements we have hands on experience in depositing is shown below.



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