Quantum Design® PPMS is a versatile analytical instrument capable of measuring DC/AC Magnetization, DC Resistivity, AC Transport (AC Resistivity, Hall Coefficient, I-V Curve, & Critical Current for superconductors), Thermal Transport option for measuring thermal conductivity, Seebeck coefficient and thermoelectric figure of merit (ZT), Heat Capacity for small samples under user controlled magnetic field, pressure, gas composition, and temperature, Vertical Sample Rotator for anisotropy measurements of single crystals, and finally, Torque Magnetometery for measuring moments of very small anisotropic samples.

All the measurements mentioned above may be carried out within a 1.9 to 400 K temperature range with a programmable applied magnetic field from 0 to +/- 9 Tesla. A user-friendly sequence creation, execution and seamless transition from one insert to another makes this instrument one of the most resourceful and easy to use materials characterization equipments for any materials group working on studying structure-property relationships of functional materials.