Sino-Norwegian cooperation on environmental and social consequences of energy scenarios

SINCIERE on behalf of UiO Energy arranged March 25. 2014 a seminar to identify possible themes for future research cooperation between Chinese partners and partners at UiO within effective and sustainable production, use and transport/distribution of energy.

Courtesy A, Elverhøi

SINCIERE has since 2006 cooperated with UiO, the CIENS institutes and Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES/CAS). UiO Energy has funded a project to look into the possibilities for utilizing SINCIERE to develop an international recognized center within environment, climate and energy research in cooperation with Chinese partners. The March seminar is one of several initiative taken to elucidate the possibilities.

The program presented at the right side, was divided into to three sessions; 1. Increased use of Renewable Energy, 2. Global perspectives and local realities; Socio/economic approach to energy challenges and 3. Important Pollution and Environmental Issues.

Altogether 11 themes related to Norwegian groups were identified for possible research cooperation.  Based on succeeding meetings with RCEES and discussions with UiO Energy, the list was concentrated and down-scaled to two issues; Smart Cities and Energy economy -  system analyses. Within Energy economy contacts has been established to Liu Qiang at National Centre for Climate Change and International Cooperation (NCDC/NDRC) for a possible visit to Oslo to relevant, possible Norwegian partners.

Out of various reasons per day neither UiO; E nor SINCIERE partners are prepared to establish a larger formalized cooperation project in this area. However, the potential is great and should be followed up by the research groups at a later state.

This work has been supported by UiO Energy.


By Kari Kveseth
Published Sep. 29, 2015 10:57 AM - Last modified Dec. 9, 2020 3:17 PM