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SINCIERE - Sino-Norwegian Centre for Interdisciplinary Environmental Research

SINCIERE is a bilateral agreement between CAS/RCEES and CIENS/UiO. Our SINCIERE vision is to act as a catalyst and mediator for cooperation between China and Norway within the field of environmental research.

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About the project

The impetus for this centre is to enable Chinese decision makers to establish efficient abatement strategies on environmental challenges through ensuring a sustainable development. Environmental change needs to be analyzed in the context of the social, political and economic setting of contemporary China. In order to obtain this knowledge, integrated assessment studies of the ways pollution, climate change, and inadequate resource management affect the environment and humans are required.

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Our SINCIERE Vision:
To act as a catalyst and mediator for cooperation between China and Norway within the field of environmental research.
- Facilitate interdisciplinary and policy relevant research and serve as a node for a broad network of associated institutions.


Member on Norwegian side are UiO and CIENS: NIVA, CICERO, NILU, NIBR, NVE, TØI, NINA, UiO-Geo. Associated members are NMBU, Bioforsk, Norwegian Institute of forestry and landscape, FNI.
Member on Chinese side is RCEES. Associated members are all the partners of the Norwegian members, coming from CAS (RCEES, GYIG, IGSNRR), CAF (SFA), CASS, Universities (Agricultural, Nanjing, Peking, Renmin, Tsinghua, and Wuhan) and SEPA (CRAES).


We have an office and a staff consisting of Chinese and Norwegian director and a scientific coordinator.

Kari Kveseth is the Administrative and Scientific coordinator.

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Office adress:

Research Centre for Eco-Environmental Sciences

Chinese Academy of Sciences

POB 2871, Beijing 100085

18 Shuangqing road, Haidan district


Prof. Rolf D. Vogt - Director


Participating institutes:













CIENS Research Forum is functioning as a steering committee in Norway:


Members of SINCIERE Working Steering Committee 2011 in China

  • Director QU Jiuhui,  and
    Senior scientist professor ZHANG Xiaoshan,
  • Division chief ZHUANG Xuliang,
    Chinese Academy of Sciences,
    Division of Ecology and Environment, Bureau of Science and Technology for Resources and Environment
  • Professor ZHANG Meigen,
    Chinese Academy of Sciences, IAP
  • Remaining members – representatives of Chinese Academy of Sciences and other partners in cooperation TBC