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2019 Summer Internships at Chinese Photovoltaics Industry

Period: 2019.06.17-2019.08.02 (potentially adjustable)

Short description

5 internship opportunities are available during summer 2019, nominally for 7 weeks; however the period can be adjusted. The effort is a part of the on-going project: “Sino-Norwegian Alliance in Photovoltaics”. All students enrolled in relevant MSc and PhD programs in Norway are eligible to apply, including MSc student starting their programs from fall-2019. The trainees will be based at the Jinko Solar(, specifically at the factory located in the vicinity of Shanghai; the training will be undertaken at the R&D facilities and the mass production line; notably Jinko Solar keeps currently the world efficiency record for Si-based mass production solar cells in excess of 24% and is the world leader in the solar module delivery for the last few years. Completing the internship in such strong innovative and economically successful environment is anticipated to enhance the professional skills and broaden the horizons of the trainees, as well as provide future opportunities for collaboration within relevant Norwegian research and business communities.

Practical implementation

On arrival (the 17th of June), the trainees will be accompanied by the internship supervisor from Norway to assist in the starting steps; further, the internship holders will stay in China on their own but still as a team to accomplish the training undertaken in a project-based form; specific projects will be offered to each of the trainees accommodating to the level and the type of the experience/intentions; by the end of the internship period (on the 2nd of August) a workshop is scheduled; at this workshop the trainees will report the results of their projects and several review talks are to be delivered by the experts. Importantly, the lineup above is preferable to follow, however you are not disqualified from applying for the internship if you have to shorten the duration of your stay at Jinko Solar (e.g. due to a conference elsewhere, exams, serious private limitations, etc).

Financial conditions

Each successful applicant will be offered funds to reimburse the major costs; e.g. the cost of the visa, the travel expenses (including an economy class return air ticket Oslo – Shanghai), and the budget accommodation costs during the internship period. The daily allowance for each trainee will be calculated from the set of 6000 NOK per month. The costs will be reimbursed after the trip against a financial report delivered in accordance with the standards of the Research Council of Norway and the UiO rules.

Application procedure

Application must be made in form of a maximum one-page text stating the motivation for applying for this internship; the mandatory attachments are: for PhD students – CV including the publication list, while for MSc students – CV including the course transcripts. The application is to be delivered electronically by the 30th of April to: (use the subject: 2019 China PV internship). For the successful applicants, the confirmation of acceptance will be made by the 5th of May allowing enough time for organizing the trip.

Selection criteria

1. Study and research training performance;
2. Knowledge of photovoltaics and/or interest to broaden the expertise; 3. Command of English.

Additional information

If necessary, additional information can be requested from Dr Junjie Zhu ( or Prof Andrej Kuznetsov (; it may be instructive to talk to the former internship holders too – hopefully they are going to be willing to share the experience – otherwise check the link

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