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UiO's strategy 2030 clearly states that "UiO must educate students with the knowledge, ability and will to create a better world". No one disagrees that this is a good and important goal. On the other hand, it is not clear how we are going to achieve this through our courses and in our teaching. Teaching for sustainability was the theme at REAL Teaching in August.

Active learning means that students are actively participating in their own learning process through meaningful learning activities. Such learning activities can be various forms of collaborative learning - or group work. But what is group work and how can we help students achieve good collaboration in groups? This was the theme of REAL teaching in January.

This autumn, 70,000 school teachers in school years 1 – 10 will teach using new curricula. 33,000 of these are teachers in mathematics with special responsibility for introducing students to programming and computational thinking. MN has created web-based resources to help them.

After the pandemic it has become clearer that it is important to have good cooperation between students and teachers. At REAL Prat on 30th May 2022, we spoke with Tone Fredsvik Gregers, biologist / immunologist who became a qualified teacher in 2021 to hear more about her thoughts on the collaboration between teacher and students.