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Helene Victoria Haynes  

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Picture of Inger Christin Borge Borge, Inger Christin Senior Lecturer +47 22855830
Picture of Maria Vetleseter Bøe Bøe, Maria Vetleseter Associate Professor +47 22857814
Picture of Tone Fredsvik Gregers Gregers, Tone Fredsvik Senior Lecturer +47 22856183 +4799697154
Picture of Anders Mattias Lundmark Lundmark, Anders Mattias Associate Professor +47 22856686 +4793003214
Picture of Henrik Hillestad Løvold Løvold, Henrik Hillestad Universitetslektor +47 22852437 +47 47810167
Picture of Knut Martin Mørken Mørken, Knut Martin Vice Dean (Studies and Education), Professor 916 93 859 splines, B-splines, wavelets, numerical analysis, geometric modelling
Picture of Tor Ole Bigton Odden Odden, Tor Ole Bigton Associate Professor sensemaking, physics education, physics education research, computational literacy, epistemic agency, Natural Language Processing
Picture of Ragnhild Kobro Runde Runde, Ragnhild Kobro Associate Professor +47 22840144
Picture of Kristin Marie Piene Glørstad Tsigaridas Tsigaridas, Kristin Marie Piene Glørstad Lecturer +47 22856183 School laboratory