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About KURT

Centre for Teaching and Learning in Science works for quality in science teaching at the faculty and acts as a link between the education management and the teachers. We target both the school sector and higher education to create a good connection and quality in education.

Through both internal and external collaborations, KURT is an important resource in the work with educational quality at both MN in particular and UiO in general.


KURT plays a central role in raising teachers' pedagogical competence by arranging courses, seminars, workshops and various discussion forums at the faculty.

We work purposefully to raise the quality of teaching by using "scholarship of teaching and learning" (SoTL) as a framework. In this framework it is the students' learning that must be in focus. This means that our teaching must be based on relevant academic, pedagogical and didactic research. We promote a research approach to our own teaching practice and sharing experiences with others in a community of practice, so that the quality of teaching in the entire organization is raised.

Locally at the faculty, we work closely with the Dean for Education and we have a central place in both the faculty's study committee and study administration. We have a close dialogue with all the departments at the faculty, as well as The Norwegian Centre for Science Education and the University Library.

We are part of UiO's wider educational network: LINK, HF-studio, EILIN and IDEA - which together with KURT will be able to contribute to educational quality across the faculties. KURT also has representatives in the UiO pedagogical academy and UiO's pedagogical innovation network, PIN.



KURT also work towards the school sector through competence development with teachers in programming and computational thinking. Programming is about taking a starting point in a scientific problem and solving it with the help of a computer program. Through DeKomp, we further train teachers in programming for the sake of the subjects (profag) and science programming in school (NAT3000). We have a subject centered approach the subjects, that the programming will contribute to strengthening and developing the science subjects.

We work closely with CCSE - Center for Computing in Science Education - a center for outstanding education, as well as FIKS - research, innovation and competence development in Schools.

Key tasks

  • competence development with teachers
  • education of high school teachers
  • subject-specific events for pupils
  • teaching quality
  • research on teaching