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  • solarorbiter_crop UiO er med på romferd mot solen 7. feb. 2020 10:32

    10. februar skytes Solar Orbiter ut i verdensrommet. Med på ferden mot solen er programvare utviklet ved Institutt for teoretisk astrofysikk.

  • thoreem_small Hello, my name is Thore Espedal Moe 13. jan. 2020 09:58

    Originally from Stavanger, laureate in Bergen, Thore Espedal Moe is the new PhD student at the Rosseland Centre for Solar Physic, UiO.

  • rebeccaphoto Welcome to Rebecca Robinson, new PhD student at RoCS 13. jan. 2020 09:56

    "I hope my contributions will help increase our understanding of the relationship between the Solar magnetic field and atmospheric heating" - Rebecca Robinson.


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  • iss_sun 10 Biggest lies Hollywood has told you about Space 13. feb. 2020 16:00

    I’m an Astrophysicist. I’m also a big arthouse cinema enthusiast. This leaves me with the obvious topic to write about: botched science in blockbuster movies.

    Let’s begin, shall we?

  • ecole_francaise_blog Astrophysics in the classroom 19. mars 2019 10:06

    Hi I am Clara and I am a solar physicist. My typical day at work consists of analysing observations and simulations of the solar atmosphere. But of course, even if it is my main activity, as many researchers that is not what I do all the time...

  • MarenogVenninner_pdag 3/14: π-dagen! 14. mars 2019 13:25

    14. mars hvert år er π-dagen, dagen vi feirer den matematiske konstanten π.