Staff  –  Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics

For detailed listing of staff in alphabetical order please visit:  People @ CEED

Former staff and students

CEED at an excursion to Sarpsborg, June 2019

CEED members, 6 March 2020 during a symposium at the Natural History Museum, UiO

Management, Administrative and Technical staff

Carmen Gaina (Director) +47 22856042 carmen.gaina (at)
Trond H. Torsvik (Assistant Director) +47 22856472 t.h.torsvik (at)
Trine-Lise K. Gørbitz (Administrative Leader), Room 1.206 +47 22856435 t.l.k.gorbitz (at)
Anita Sørlie (Administrative staff member) +47 22854097 anita.sorlie (at)
Anniken R. Birkelund (Coordinator DEEP Research School), Room 1.207 +47 22854061 a.r.birkelund (at)
Petter Silkoset (Head Engineer, the National Gemag. Lab), Room 1.205   petter.silkoset (at)
William Hagopian (Lab Manager, Stable Isotope Biogeochem. Lab)   w.m.hagopian (at)
Frode Roghell (Financial officer employed by the MN-Faculty)   frode.roghell (at)
Torunn S. Guttormsen (HR-officer employed by the MN-Faculty)   t.g.guttormsen (at) or
personalgruppen (at)
Luc Girod (Research IT assitance, room 315 in the Geology building)   luc.girod (at)

Coordinator for teaching activities

Valerie Maupin (Professor)                                          Room 2.308 valerie.maupin (at) 

Coordinator for outreach activities

Grace Shephard (Researcher)            Room 2.326 g.e.shephard (at) 

Research Teams and Team Leaders

Trond H. Torsvik (Team  Leader - Dynamic Earth) +47 22856472 t.h.torsvik (at)
Valentina Magni (Deputy Team  Leader - Dynamic Earth) Room 2.326 valentina.magni (at) geo
Clinton Conrad (Team Leader -  Earth Modelling) +47 22854092 c.p.conrad (at)
Fabio Crameri (Deputy Team Leader -  Earth Modelling) Room 3.425 fabio.crameri (at)
Henrik Svensen (Team Leader - Earth Crises) +47 22856946 henrik.svensen (at)
Morgan Jones (Deputy Team Leader - Earth Crises) Room 3.406 m.t.jones (at)
Reidar Trønnes (Team Leader - Deep Earth) +47 22851644 r.g.tronnes (at)
Chris E. Mohn (Deputy Team Leader - Deep Earth) Room 2.311 c.e.mohn (at)
Stephanie C. Werner (Team Leader - Earth & Beyond) +47 22856472 stephanie.werner (at)
Agata M. Krzesinska (Deputy Team Leader - Earth & Beyond) Room 3.426 a.m.krzesinska (at)
Pavel Doubrovine (Team Leader - Earth Laboratory) +47 22856922 pavel.dubrovin (at)
Evgeniy Kulakov (Deputy Team Leader - Earth Laboratory) Room 1.209 evgeniy.kulakov (at)

Scientific Advisory Board

Faccenna, Claudio                                       Visit web page claudio.faccenna (at)
Cazenave, Anny Visit web page anny.cazenave (at)
Lilje, Per Barth Visit web page p.b.lilje (at)

CEED`s Research Teams

Research Team:

Deep Earth

Reidar Trønnes (Professor, Team Leader ) Room 2.309 r.g.tronnes (at)
Chris E. Mohn (Research Associate) Room 2.311 c.e.mohn (at)
John Brodholt (Adjunct Professor) Univ. College London j.brodholt (at)
Razvan Caracas (Adjunct Professor) ENS Lyon razvan.caracas (at)
Jean-Alexis Hernandez (Postdoc) Room 2.311 j.a.r.hernandez (at)

Research Team:

Dynamic Earth

Trond. H. Torsvik (Professor, Team Leader) +47 22856472 t.h.torsvik (at)
Carmen Gaina (Professor, Centre leader)    
Torgeir B. Andersen (Professor) Room 3.410 c.f.m.marcilly (at)
Jan Inge Faliede (Professr 30 %,) Room 2.306 j.i.faleide (at)
Asbjørn Breivik (Associate Professor) Room 1.210 asbjorn.breivik (at)
Sergei Medvedev (Researcher) Room 2.305 sergei.medvedev (at)
Sebastien Gac (Researcher) Room 2.305Room Room 2.305 sebastien.gac (at)
M.Mansour Abdelmalak (Researcher, IG) Room 2.307 m.m.abdelmalak (at)
Johannes Schweitzer (Adjunct Professor) Room 2.325 johannes (at)
Chloé Markussen Marcilly (PhD student) Room 2.323 carmen.gaina (at)
Grace Shephard (Researcher) Room 2.326 g.e.shephard (at)
Valentina Magni (Researcher) Room 2.326 valentina.magni (at) geo
Kerim Niscancioglu (Adjunct Professor) Room 2.328 kerim (at)
Alexander Minakov (Postdoc) Room 2.307 alexander.minakov (at)
Joost M. van den Broek (PhD student) Room 3.423
Eivind Straume (PhD student) Room 3.423 e.o.straume (at)
Lea Beloša (PhD student) Room 2.310 lea.belosa (at)
Fernando Corfu (Professor Emeritus) +47 22856680 fernando.corfu (at) 

Research Team:

Earth Crisis

Henrik Svensen (Research Professor, Team Leader) Room 3.405 henrik.svensen (at)
Anne Hope Jahren (Wilson Professor) Room 3.428 a.h.Jahren (at)
Kirstin Krüger (Professor 10 %) Gaustadalléen 21 kirstin.kruger  (at)
Adriano Mazzini (Research Associate) Room 3.409 adriano.mazzini (at)
Dougal Jeram (Adjunct Professor) Room 3.408 dougal (at)
Else Ragnhild Neumann (Professor Emerita) Room 1.208 e.r.neumann (at)
Sverre Planke (Adjunct Professor) Room 3.408 planke (at)
Morgan Jones (Researcher) Room 3.406 m.t.jones (at)
Lars Eivind Augland (Researcher) Room 3.406 l.e.augland (at)
Manon Bajard (Postdoc) Room 3.407 m.j.a.bajard (at)
Thea H. Heimdal (Postdoc) Room 3.410 t.h.heimdal (at)
Alexandra Zaputlyaeva (PhD student) Room 1.209 alexandra.zaputlyaeva (at)
Ella W. Stokke (PhD student) Room 3.407 e.w.stokke (at)
Joshua Bostic (PhD student) Room 3.423 j.n.bostic (at)
Eirik Ballo (PhD student) Room 3.407 e.g.ballo (at)

Research Team:

Earth and Beyond

Stephanie Werner (Professor, Team Leader)  Room 3.427 stephanie.werner (at)
Henning Dypvik (Professor 20 %) +47 22856659 henning.dypvik (at) 
Jane Luu (Adjunct Professor)   janeluu (at)
Tobias Rolf (Researcher) Room 3.425 tobias.rolf (at)
Benjamin Bultel (Researcher) Room 3.426 benjamin.bultel (at)
Nils Prieur (Postdoc, 50 %) Room 3.408 n.c.prieur (at)
Agata M. Krzesinska (Postdoc) Room 3.426 a.m.krzesinska (at)
Maëlis Arnould (Postdoc) Room 3.425 maelis.arnould (at)
Sruthi Uppalapati (PhD student)   sruthi.uppalapati (at)
Elise Harrington (PhD student) Room 3.408Room Room 3.408 e.m.harrington (at)
Trine Nybakk Uthus (Master student) MSc student room trinenut (at)

Research Team:

Earth Modelling

Clint Conrad (Professor, Team Leader) Room  2.328 c.p.conrad (at)
Valerie Maupin (Professor) Room 2.308 Valerie.maupin (at)
Bernhard Steinberger (Adjunct Professor) GFZ Potsdam bstein  (at)
Fabio Crameri (Researcher) Room 3.425 fabio.crameri (at)
Robin J. Watson (Adjunct Professor 10 %)   robin.james.watson (at)
Agnes Kiraly (Postdoc) Room 2.326 agnes.kiraly (at)
Björn H. Heyn (Postdoc) Room 2.329 b.h.heyn (at)
Krister S. Karlsen (PhD student) Room 2.329 k.s.karlsen (at)
Maaike Weerdesteijn (PhD student) Room 2.326 m.f.m.weerdesteijn (at)
Florence Ramirez (PhD student)   florence.ramirez (geo)
Marcus J. Silverberg (Master student)Marcus J. Silverberg MSc student room f.m.j.silverberg (at)
Mathilde S. Opshaug MSc student roomMSc. student room mathildo (at)
Helge W. Dahl MSc. student room helgewd (at)

Research Team:

Earth Laboratory

Pavel Doubrovine (Researcher, Team Leader) Room 1.225 pavel.dubrovin (at)
Mathew Domeier (Postdoc) Room 1.226 mathew.domeier (at)
Evgeniy Kulakov (Postdoc) Room 1.209 evgeniy.kulakov (at)
Boris Robert (Postdoc) Room 1.226 boris.robert (at)
Erik Halvorsen (Dr. Philos candidate) Room 1.226 erik.halvorsen (at)
Petter Silkoset (Technical Assistant) Room 1.205 petter.silkoset (at)
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