27: DEEP Newsletter (September 2021)

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Photo by Trond Slagstad

Field Trip in Rogaland

Between 16. and 18., DEEP organized an excursion in Rogaland. The objective of the excursion was to discuss Meso- to Early Neoproterozoic (Sveconorwegian) evolution of the pre-Caledonian basement exposed in SW Norway. The excursion was led by Dr. Trond Slagstad from NGU and the participants discussed metamorphic and magmatic evolution of the hot lower-crustal section exposed in the visited region. The excursion was introduced by a talk of Dr. Slagstad, in which he presented the overall features of the visited part of the Sveconorwegian orogen and discussed with the participants some possible tectonic models for evolution of the area. Visited localities comprised exposures of magmatic (ultra)high-temperature metamorphic rocks. The participants received a thorough introduction in the evolution of the Sveconorwegian continental crust in southern part of Norway.