The Kristine Bonnevie lecture 2012: Genes, evolution, and the origins of social behavior

Speakers: Cori Bargmann and Carl Zimmer. The Kristine Bonnevie lecture on evolutionary biology is part of the University’s annual celebration.

The Kristine Bonnevie lecture on evolutionary biology 2012 (abstract) will be delivered by Cori Bargmann. Bargmann is a Professor at The Rockefeller University, New York, USA. In May 2012 it was announced that she is being awarded the Kavli Prize in Neuroscience. She will receive the prize from HM The King at a seremony 4 September.

The event will be introduced by the award winning popular science writer Carl Zimmer, who will also participate in a discussion after the lecture.


10.15-10.25: Opening remarks
Ole Petter Ottersen
, Rector, University of Oslo

10.25-10.45: Telling the Stories of Science
Carl Zimmer

10.45-10.50: Introduction of Cori Bargmann
Nils Chr. Stenseth
, Chair, CEES, University of Oslo

10.50-11.45: Genes, evolution, and the origins of social behavior (Abstract)
Cori Bargmann, The Rockefeller University

11.45-12.15: Break

12.15-12.35: Kristine Bonnevie, Norway's first female professor. A 100
year anniversary

Inger Nordal, Dept. of Biology, University of Oslo

12.35-13.35: Discussion and Q&A
Cori Bargmann
, Carl Zimmer, Inger Nordal and Nils Chr. Stenseth

13.35-13.40: Closing remarks
Nils Chr. Stenseth

NB: Carl Zimmer will also give a lecture at Litteraturhuset Saturday 1 September.

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