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Picture of Sigrid Jørgensen Bakke Bakke, Sigrid Jørgensen Doctoral Research Fellow Hydrology, Drought, Climate change
Picture of Daniel Bakkelund Bakkelund, Daniel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Egil Bakken Bakken, Egil Senior Adviser +47 22855506 Research support, infrastructure
Picture of Karl Johan Ullavik Bakken Bakken, Karl Johan Ullavik Adviser +47 22856673 Student administration, TP, Admission (MSc), Master programme, Canvas (LMS), FS, ePhorte, EPN
Picture of Kristian Bjelbøle Bakken Bakken, Kristian Bjelbøle Senior Executive Officer Student administration, FS, ePhorte, Bachelor programme
Picture of Gabriel Balaban Balaban, Gabriel Senior Lecturer
Picture of David Balcells Balcells, David Principal Investigator, Senior Researcher Chemistry
Picture of Helge Balk Balk, Helge Associate Professor +47 22856489 +47 97772401 97772401
Picture of Eirik Gottschalk Ballo Ballo, Eirik Gottschalk Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859184 +47 470 70 450 Paleoclimate, Climate change, Lake sediments, Quaternary geology, Geochronology
Baramashetru, Chinmayi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jeremy Barnes Barnes, Jeremy Postdoctoral Fellow cross-lingual, transfer learning, multi-task learning, sentiment, emotion
Picture of Maria Guadalupe Barrios Sazo Barrios Sazo, Maria Guadalupe Senior Engineer Computational Astrophysics, HPC, Hydrodynamics, Solar Physics, MHD
Picture of Julia M.I. Barth Barth, Julia M.I. Postdoctoral Fellow Atlantic cod, Population genomics, Conservation genetics
Picture of Viktor Balch Barth Barth, Viktor Balch Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, Algebraic Geometry
Picture of Adel Baselizadeh Baselizadeh, Adel Doctoral Research Fellow Reinforcement Learning, Control systems, Robotics, Fuzzy Systems and Intelligent Control
Picture of Artem Basyrov Basyrov, Artem Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Marianne Etzelmüller Bathen Bathen, Marianne Etzelmüller SMN
Picture of Alessia Battigelli Battigelli, Alessia Associate Professor +47 22857077
Picture of Bernhard Baumschlager Baumschlager, Bernhard Doctoral Research Fellow Cosmology, Galaxies, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Michail Baziljevich Baziljevich, Michail Professor +47 22856483
Bazioti, Kalliopi Researcher SMN
Picture of David Ruiz Baños Baños, David Ruiz Associate Professor Tenure Track +47-22855884 Statistics, Stochastic analysis and finance and insurance and risk
Picture of Eric Christophe Bedos Bedos, Eric Christophe Professor +47 22854426 Mathematics, Operator algebras
Behrens, Charlotte Marie Adviser +47 22856566
Picture of Jan Kenneth Bekkeng Bekkeng, Jan Kenneth Associate Professor Electronics, Space technology, instrumentation