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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Øystein Elgarøy Elgarøy, Øystein Professor +47-22855684 +47-92610803 Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics
Picture of Tore Oldeide Elgvin Elgvin, Tore Oldeide Adviser +47-22841140 +47-48006056
Picture of Frank Eliassen Eliassen, Frank Professor +47-22840148 Distributed systems, energy informatics, ubiquitous and mobile systems, self-adaptive software systems, internet of things, middleware, multimedia systems
Picture of Ole Jacob Elle Elle, Ole Jacob Professor II Artificial intelligence, Evolution, Robotics, Reconfigurable hardware, Adaptable systems
Picture of Mikkel Elle Lepperød Elle Lepperød, Mikkel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Kai Olav Ellefsen Ellefsen, Kai Olav Postdoctoral Fellow
Ellingsen, Josef Gert Åsheim Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Ellingsrud, Geir Professor +47-22855911 +47-91708612 Mathematics, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA, Algebra and algebraic geometry
Picture of Anders Elverhøi Elverhøi, Anders +47-22856653 +47-92869481
Emhjellen, Linn Katinka Doctoral Research Fellow SMN
Engebretsen, Alexander Melvold Environmental Analysis
Engeland, Kolbjørn Associate Professor +47-22856177
Engeland, Torgeir Professor Emeritus +47-22856455
Engelstad, Paal Professor
Picture of Oddbjørn Engvold Engvold, Oddbjørn Professor Emeritus +47-22856521 47651414 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics
Picture of Ulrik Bo Rufus Enstad Enstad, Ulrik Bo Rufus Doctoral Research Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras
Picture of Laszlo Erdodi Erdodi, Laszlo Associate Professor
Picture of Torbjørn Håkan Ergon Ergon, Torbjørn Håkan Associate Professor +47-22857311 +47-92602138 (+47) 92602138 Population dynamics, Ecological statistics, Seabirds, Life-history theory, Capture-recapture, Small rodents
Picture of Torbjørn Håkan Ergon Ergon, Torbjørn Håkan Associate Professor / Director of Finse Alpine Research Centre +47-22857311 +47-92602138 Ecological statistics, Capture-recapture, Small rodents, Seabirds, Life-history theory, Population dynamics
Picture of André Henrik Erhardt Erhardt, André Henrik Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems, Mathematical Analysis, (Numerical) Bifurcation Analysis
Picture of Dag Øistein Eriksen Eriksen, Dag Øistein Senior Adviser +47-22854964 Hydrometallurgy, tracers, isotopes, silicon, rare earth elements
Picture of Fredrik Kvalheim Eriksen Eriksen, Fredrik Kvalheim Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Hans Kristian Kamfjord Eriksen Eriksen, Hans Kristian Kamfjord Professor +47-22858454 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology
Picture of Truls Erikson Erikson, Truls Professor +47 22840928 Entrepreneurship
Eriksrød, Jon Håvard Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840840