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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Elin Trapnes Trapnes, Elin Lecturer
Picture of Nhung Trinh Trinh, Nhung Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Martina Martin Tzanova Tzanova, Martina Martin Doctoral Research Fellow Pharmaceutics
Picture of Hanne Hjorth Tønnesen Tønnesen, Hanne Hjorth Professor +47 22856593 Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical technology, Photostability, Biological products
Picture of Anders Vik Vik, Anders Associate Professor +47 22857451 Life Science, Medicinal chemistry, Organic chemistry, Chemistry, Lipids, Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Natural product synthesis
Picture of Kirsten Kilvik Viktil Viktil, Kirsten Kilvik Associate Professor II - Department of Pharmaceutical Biosciences +47-41332217
Picture of Helle Wangensteen Wangensteen, Helle Professor +47 22856567 Pharmacognosy, Pharmacy, Natural products, NMR, Ethnopharmacology, Antioxidants, Polyphenols, Global south, India
Picture of Hanne Cecilie Winther-Larsen Winther-Larsen, Hanne Cecilie Professor +47 22857011 Microbiology, Life Science, Molecular Biology, Vaccines, Antimicrobial resistance, Host-pathogen interactions, Aquaculture, Microbiom, Biotechnology, Extracellular vesicles
Picture of Anders Wold-Dobbe Wold-Dobbe, Anders Higher Executive Officer +47 22856560
Picture of Nina Kristine Siger Woldene Woldene, Nina Kristine Siger Adviser +47 22857810
Picture of Mollie Wood Wood, Mollie Researcher
Picture of Suthajini Yogarajah Yogarajah, Suthajini Head Engineer +47 22854366
Picture of Eivind Ystrøm Ystrøm, Eivind Professor +47 22856626 Health psychology, Personality psychology, genetics
Picture of Jing Zhao Zhao, Jing Researcher +47 40595406
Picture of Denis Zosen Zosen, Denis Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844935 Neurobiology, Neurodevelopment, Developmental neurotoxicology, Epilepsy, Depression, Neuropharmacology, Stem Cells, Brain organoids, Neurotoxicity, Antidepressants, Antiepileptic, Organoids
Picture of Marcus de Bourg de Bourg, Marcus Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anders Åsberg Åsberg, Anders Adjunct Professor +47 22856559
Øien, Nancy Christine Adviser
Picture of Elisabeth Leere Øiestad Øiestad, Elisabeth Leere Associate Professor +47 22857558
Picture of Ole Andreas Løchen Økstad Økstad, Ole Andreas Løchen Professor +47 22854789 +47 92603952 Microbiology, Life science, Bioinformatics, Molecular biology, Evolution, Biotechnology, Biology, Genomes, DNA sequencing, Biofilm, Food poisoning