Technical/Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Adam Roman Babinski Babinski, Adam Roman Senior Engineer +47-22856565 +47-97501770 Local IT support, Purchasing
Bakke, Hege Gilbø Principal Engineer +47-22858156
Picture of Anne Helene Bjerke Bjerke, Anne Helene Principal Engineer +47-22857120
Picture of Bente Amalie Breiby Breiby, Bente Amalie Head Engineer +47-22856134
Picture of Nina Børresen Børresen, Nina Higher Executive Officer +47-22856560 Cristin, TP, Reception, Web publishing
Picture of Tom Arild Caspersen Caspersen, Tom Arild Adviser +47-22857001 Studentadministration Examination Continuing education
Picture of Ellen Hanne Cohen Cohen, Ellen Hanne Head Engineer +47-22856553 +47-92687579 92687579
Picture of Kristin Johanne Grasmo Grasmo, Kristin Johanne Adviser +47-22857640 Syllabus, Continuing and further education, Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance
Picture of Ivar Grove Grove, Ivar Principal Engineer +47-22856583
Picture of Mona Gaarder Gaarder, Mona Principal Engineer +47-22845769
Picture of Gunnar Hagelin Hagelin, Gunnar Senior Engineer
Hasvold, Grete Head Engineer +47-22856554
Picture of Marwa Jalal Jalal, Marwa Head Engineer
Picture of Ewa Jaroszewicz Jaroszewicz, Ewa Head Engineer +47-22844948 Life Science, Microbiology, Molecular biology
Picture of Iuliana-Cezarina Aldea Johansen Johansen, Iuliana-Cezarina Aldea Head Engineer +47-22855044
Picture of Tove Larsen Larsen, Tove Head Engineer +47-22856588 +47-97510240 Pharmaceutics, Instrumentation, Web editor
Lid, Marthe Principal Engineer +47-22856577 analysis, Analytical chemistry, Mass spectrometry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Chromatography, Chemistry
Picture of Beata Urbanczyk Mohebi Mohebi, Beata Urbanczyk Head Engineer +47-22845671
Nesman, Jannicke Irina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Hilde Nilsen Nilsen, Hilde Head Engineer +47-22845672 99545427
Picture of Solfrid Odnes Odnes, Solfrid Head of Office +47-22856586
Picture of Inger Oulie Oulie, Inger Head Engineer +47-22856574 Mass spectrometry, Biochemical analysis, Uptake of nanoparticles in cells, Chromatography, Sample preparation, HPLC, Bioanalysis
Picture of Yonathan Samuel Samuel, Yonathan Principal Engineer +47-22857146 +47-90534025 Local IT support, AV services
Picture of Henrik Schultz Schultz, Henrik Head of Department +47-22854275 95819730
Picture of Camilla Stensrud Stensrud, Camilla Head Engineer +47-22845673