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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Jannike Mørch Andersen Andersen, Jannike Mørch Associate Professor +4799036395
Picture of Sarah Hjorth Andersen Andersen, Sarah Hjorth
Picture of Joseph Azumah Azumah, Joseph Lecturer +47 22856557 Pharmaceutics
Bathen, Mina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Alf Kristian Berg Berg, Alf Kristian Adjunct Professor
Picture of Stein Bergan Bergan, Stein Adjunct Professor
Picture of Ingunn Björnsdottir Björnsdottir, Ingunn Associate Professor +47 22856650 Nordic, Social pharmacy, Pharmaceutical policy, Pharmacoeconomics, Health economics, Register based research, Qualitative methods, Global health
Blix, Hege Salvesen Adjunct Professor +47 22840777
Bogen, Inger Lise Associate Professor
Picture of Hussain Shakeel Butt Butt, Hussain Shakeel Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ragnar Bye Bye, Ragnar
Picture of Hege Christensen Christensen, Hege Professor +47-22856523
Picture of Ana Cuk Cuk, Ana Doctoral Research Fellow Pharmaceutics
Picture of Andrea Dalmao Fernandez Dalmao Fernandez, Andrea Postdoctoral Fellow +47 93003271
Dehnes, Yvette Associate Professor
Picture of Anteneh Assefa Desalegn Desalegn, Anteneh Assefa Researcher 92525834 Perinatal epidemiology, pharmacoepidemiology, environmental epidemiology, risk/safety assessment of chemicals and drugs, and drugs safety in pregnancy.
Picture of Massimiliano Pio Di Cagno Di Cagno, Massimiliano Pio Associate Professor +47 22856598 97688378 Pharmaceutics
Dolva, Kristine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ole Martin Drevland Drevland, Ole Martin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Christiane Færestrand Ellefsen Ellefsen, Christiane Færestrand Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Karina Ervik Ervik, Karina Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Camila Vicencio Esguerra Esguerra, Camila Vicencio Head of Group +47 22840534 Epilepsy, Genetics, Pharmacology
Picture of Karl Martin Frøseth Forbord Forbord, Karl Martin Frøseth Doctoral Research Fellow
Fröhlich, Christopher Researcher
Picture of Osman Gani Gani, Osman Associate Professor +47 22857443 Medicinal chemistry, Computational medicinal chemistry, Structural bioinformatics, Chemoinformatics