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Before drugs and endogenous substances can be measured in biological samples, they have to be isolated from the original sample. In SamplePrep@UiO, we focus on development of new concepts for such isolation, based on microextraction. 

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Stig Pedersen-Bjergaard, Frederik Hansen, Grete Hasvold, Elisabeth Leere Øiestad, Linda Vårdal Eie, Torstein Kige Rye, Tonje Gottenberg Skaalvik, Maria Schüller, and Astrid Gjelstad.

Our Mission Is to

  • …develop microextraction (sample preparation) concepts for next generation analytical chemistry.
  • …stimulate and train young scientist in conceptual research.


Our research group is:
  • Small, creative, effective, and with strong international recognition.
  • Focused on international dissemination and collaboration. 

Our research is:

  • Focused on development of new analytical microextraction concepts, for extraction of drugs and endogenous substances from biological fluids (such as blood).
  • Currently devoted to electromembrane extraction (EME) and liquid-phase microextraction (LPME).
  • Motivated by the expectation that next generation analytical chemistry will largely rely on microextraction technologies for sample preparation.
  • Conceptual, and balanced between
    (a) fundamental science (theoretical understanding),
    (b) applied science (technical formats, forefront pharmaceutical and biomedical applications), and
    (c) commercialization.
  • Anchored in teaching, thereby stimulating the students in direction of pharmaceutical analytical chemistry.
  • Read more about our research here.
Every single day in our research group is:
  • A day in a creative, humoristic and kind atmosphere.
  • A day with new experiments.
At the end, we hope that:
  • Our concepts are used by routine laboratories, or
  • Our concepts have inspired other scientists into conceptual research, or
  • Students trained in our group are successful outside the university.

Research News 

  • Image may contain: Automotive tire, Eyelash, Jaw, Sleeve, Font. Frederik André Hansen defended PhD thesis Oct. 1, 2021 1:43 PM

    On September 1 st, Frederik André Hansen successfully defended his PhD thesis “ Electromembrane extraction of polar pharmaceutical bases and endogenous metabolites". Congratulations!

  • Collaboration with scientists from the University of Seville... Oct. 1, 2021 12:57 PM

    In the latest paper from our long-continued collaboration with the research group of Professor Mariá Ramos-Paýan at the University of Seville (Spain), we have developed green technology on a very small scale for the extraction of drugs from urine.

    Read the paper...

  • Quality papers... Oct. 1, 2021 12:48 PM

    We were asked to write a personal opinion on quality papers in sample preparation – this is high risk, but hopefully valuable for scientists in the field.

    Read the paper...

  • Down to molecular interactions... Oct. 1, 2021 12:43 PM

    Electromembrane extraction (EME) has been a prime focus in our research activities for many years, but our understanding of the fundamental principles has been limited. In a couple of recent papers, we have studied the molecular interactions involved in the extraction of endogenous metabolites and peptides in more detail. From this, we have developed deeper insights essential to driving the development of a new generation of more stable and efficient artificial liquid membranes for EME.

    Read the paper by Hansen FA et al.

    Read the paper by Rye TK et al.

  • Extraction from tissue... Oct. 1, 2021 11:49 AM

    The extraction of pharmaceuticals from tissue is highly important in the development of new drugs. In recent work, in collaboration with scientists from the Czech Republic, we demonstrate that such extractions are feasible with electromembrane extraction, with superior performance holding up to the standard of current methodology.

    Read the paper...

  • Collaboration with scientists from Wuhan… Oct. 1, 2021 11:16 AM

    For long time, we have been collaborating with Professors Chuixiu Huang and Xiantao Shen at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan (China). This collaboration is very important, and it increases the awareness and interest for electromembrane extraction (EME) and liquid-phase microextraction (LPME) in China. Our latest collaborative papers focus on extraction under ultrasound conditions, and on purification of samples prior to polymerase chain reaction.

    Read the latest paper...

    Read the first paper...

  • Congratulations Torstein... Aug. 25, 2021 9:11 AM

    Congratulations Torstein Kige Rye for taking the prize for the best poster in the General-Young category at this year’s all-digital European Sample Preparation Conference (2021). His poster, titled “ Electromembrane Extraction of Peptides using Deep Eutectic Solvents as Liquid Membrane”, presented his and colleagues' fundamental research on the extraction of polar peptides. Sample preparation of peptides has previously been challenging with well-established methods, but electromembrane extraction with deep eutectic solvents shows promising results. More details of his work are available in a recent publication by Torstein and other colleagues from our research group.

  • Kim and Shima Defended Their Master Theses... Aug. 25, 2021 9:03 AM

    We are happy to announce that Shima Tirandaz and Kim Tu Thi Tran successfully defended their master theses on August 17, 2021. We wish them all the best with their future endeavors.

    Click on the article to read about their work.

  • Green chemistry… Apr. 30, 2021 10:38 AM

    Next generation analytical chemist will be highly concerned about sustainability and use only green methods in their work. How green can they be?

    Read the paper...

  • Liver organoids… Apr. 30, 2021 10:35 AM

    Analytical measurements from micro-physiological systems have to be done very carefully, in order not to disturb the biochemical equilibrium in the system – this can be done using electromembrane extraction.

    Read the paper...

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