NORTEM: The Norwegian Center for Transmission Electron Microscopy – High Resolution TEM and STEM imaging

The node at the University of Oslo hosts two Transmission Electron Microscopes (TEM) that are part of the NORTEM national infrastructure. The instruments are fully equipped for structural, compositional and optoelectrical characterization of materials. We additionally have holders and systems for performing experiments at high and low temperatures, in-situ electrical biasing, and for studying in-operando solid-gas reactions.

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Booking: Contact facility manager


Contact information: 

Facility Manager: Øystein Prytz
Location: Gaustadalleen 21, Forskningsparken
0316 OSLO


  • High-End (S)TEM: Monochromated Titan 60-300kV with Super-X EDS and GIF Quantum ER 965 spectrometer. Probe corrected to 0.8 Å spatial resolution.
  • Medium-End (S)TEM: JEOL 2100F with Oxford instruments XMax 30 mm\squared EDS and GIF Quantum ER 965.
  • Protochips Atmosphere system, allowing gas atmosphere and heating up to 1 atm and 1200 ℃
  • Protochips Fusion holder, allowing rapid heating up to 1200 ℃ with excellent temperature stability, accuracy, and precision.
  • Fischione Plasma Cleaner: Can clean samples from 4 cm x 4 cm down to TEM samples.
  • Multiprep grinding and polishing system.
  • Gatan PIPS II ion mill.
  • Fischione ion mill.
  • Jet electropolishing system

Description of services:

  • Nanoscale structural, chemical and optoelectronic characterisation of materials.
  • High spatial-resolution, momentum-resolved monochromated (high-energy resolution) electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS).
  • Electron holography and inner-potential determination.
  • Environmental TEM by atmospheric, heating and cooling holders.


The Norwegian Centre for Transmission Electron Microscopy (NORTEM) is a nationally coordinated initiative by the two leading Norwegian TEM groups within the physical sciences. The centre has two geographic nodes, centrally located at the university campuses in Oslo and Trondheim, with three partners: SINTEF, NTNU and UiO. Here, world class infrastructures for TEM has been established, taking full advantage of recent technical developments. The NORTEM consortium offers access to Norwegian and international researchers seeking to apply state-of-the-art TEM techniques to answer the materials challenges of today and the future.

While not part of the NORTEM infrastructure, users may also request access to the Focused Ion Beam in the same building.


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