Presentations given at the
Nuclear Physics Group seminars

The presentations given below are mostly status reports and should not be referred to without the permission of the author/speaker


16. Sep. 2008: Ann-Cecilie Larsen, Kjernestruktur og supernovaekplosjoner (pdf)

07. Oct. 2008: Alexander B�rger, Introduction to Geant-4 (pdf)

15. Oct. 2008: Heidi Kristine Toft, Level density and gamma-ray strength function in 118,119Sn (pdf)

21. Oct. 2008: Hilde-Therese Nyhus, Thermodynamics of the nucleus (pdf)

28. Oct. 2008: Alexander B�rger, Short introduction to git (pdf)

04. Nov. 2008: Ann-Cecilie Larsen, Gamma-ray strength functions (ppt)

11. Nov. 2008: Magne Guttormsen, Mac, Unix and software (ppt)

15. Jan. 2009: Ann-Cecilie Larsen and Alexander B�rger, How to use ROOT - some features (pdf)

03. Feb. 2009: Andreas G�rgen, Why do we study heavy elements or what do we want in Dubna? (pdf)

24. Feb. 2009: Magne Guttormsen, Combi, a combinatorial model for BCS quasiparticles (ppt)

07. Sep. 2009: Kristine Wikan, Niv�tetthet for ulike spinn i 44Ti (pdf)

22. Sep. 2009: Ann-Cecilie Larsen, Motivasjon for OCL-eksperiment p� 60Ni, oktober 2009 (ppt)

25. Jan. 2010: Alexander B�rger, Short ACQ Introduction (pdf) and Peak finding macro (c++)

15. Mar. 2010: Magne Guttormsen, Folding and unfolding of NaI spectra (ppt) and NIM-paper on unfolding

03. May 2010: Ann-Cecilie Larsen, Test of the first-generation method (ppt)

24. Mar. 2012: Ann-Cecilie Larsen, First experiments with LaBr3(Ce) in Oslo (pdf)

09. Oct. 2012: Magne Guttormsen, Large scissors strength in the quasi-continuum of actinides (pdf)

06. Dec. 2012: Magne Guttormsen, The Oslo Method (pptx)

01. Feb. 2013: Malin Klintefjord, Status of the 140Sm experiment at Isolde(pdf)

08. Feb. 2013: Mathis Wiedeking, Motivation for the 138La experiment at OCL(pdf)

08. Feb. 2013: Paul Koehler, Simulation of Gg distributions(pptx)