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Tid: 21. juli 2020 09:00

Bioimpedance Microelectrode Array in CMOS Technology

Tid: 3. aug. 2020 09:1510:00

Using Machine Learning to Recreate Signals from the Primary Visual Cortex of Mice

Tid: 4. aug. 2020 09:15

Generating artificial electrophysiological recordings with neuron action potentials using a GAN-network

Tid: 4. aug. 2020 10:45

Computational Neuroscience for the Clinic: Transcranial stimulation for Parkinson's Disease

Tid: 11. aug. 2020 10:15

Hvordan påvirker Andøya Mission Control: Oppdrag Solstorm elevers engasjement og motivasjon i naturfag?