Tid: 6. nov. 2020 13:15

Performance of Deep Learning in Searches for New Physics Phenomena in Events with Leptons and Missing Transverse Energy with the ATLAS Detector at the LHC


Tid: 22. okt. 2020 10:30

Prototype development of a floating probe for measuring spacecraft charging

Tid: 21. okt. 2020 10:00

Solving High-Performance Real-time Problems With Microcontrollers (Utilizing the "Timer/Counter" peripheral to reduce complexity and cost of scientific payloads for spaceflight)

Tid: 19. okt. 2020 10:15

Test and performance of novel Super Fine-Grain scintillation Detectors as active target for future neutrino experiments

Tid: 9. okt. 2020 11:00

Constructing a SVP for direct Sound velocity

Tid: 8. okt. 2020 10:15

Polymer-Silicon Interface Study

Tid: 5. okt. 2020 15:00

Quantum Dynamics, Many-body methods and basis sets

Tid: 30. sep. 2020 10:15

GRID therapy of lung tumors: Immune response modeling and proton therapy planning

Tid: 25. sep. 2020 10:00

GRID irradiation and bystander effects in lung cancer cells

Tid: 23. sep. 2020 10:15

Developing gamma-MRI with the Hyperpolarization of 129mXe and 131mXe by Spin Exchange Optical Pumping

Tid: 21. sep. 2020 10:00

Characterizing the antenna and gate of RIMFAX

Tid: 17. sep. 2020

Estimation and correction of deviations between camera and audio images in acoustic imaging

Tid: 7. sep. 2020 14:30

Interacting Bose gases with restricted Boltzmann Machine

Tid: 31. aug. 2020 14:30

Quantum Computing: Many-Body Methods and Machine Learning

Tid: 31. aug. 2020 10:00

Reassessment of the radiative width of the Hoyle state from gamma ray spectroscopy using OSCAR

Tid: 28. aug. 2020 11:15

QCD threshold resummation for guiono and squark pari production at NLL and NNLL.

Tid: 28. aug. 2020

Automatisk utsetting og innhenting av sensorer i innsjø

Tid: 27. aug. 2020 09:30

Personalized radiotherapy for patients with locally advanced cervical cancer

Tid: 21. aug. 2020 14:00

Exploring Fully Bayesian Unfolding for ϒ -ray Spectra

Tid: 21. aug. 2020 10:15

2D dosimetry and radiobiological modelling in GRID therapy

Tid og sted: 20. aug. 2020 11:00, Zoom/Kelvin

Density Driven Convection in Porous Media

Tid: 14. aug. 2020 10:15

Nuclear Excitation Functions For Medical Isotope Production: Targeted Radionuclide Therapy via NatIr(d,x)193mPt

Tid: 11. aug. 2020 10:15

Hvordan påvirker Andøya Mission Control: Oppdrag Solstorm elevers engasjement og motivasjon i naturfag?

Tid: 7. aug. 2020 10:15

Modelling membrane biophysics in layer V pyramidal cells. Contributions of different ion channel-encoding genes to neuron firing properties.

Tid: 4. aug. 2020 12:30

Computational Neuroscience for the Clinic: Transcranial stimulation for Parkinson's Disease