Tid: 14. mai 2021 10:00

System-on-chip based instrument for studying memristive properties of carbon nanostructures

Tid: 31. mai 2021 10:15

Benchmarking indirect (n,gamma) reaction rate measurements for s-process nucleosynthesis in the Re/Os region.


Tid: 11. mai 2021 10:15

The relative biological effectiveness of low energy protons for human lung carcinoma cells - In vitro cell survival and DNA double-strand breaks.

Tid: 29. apr. 2021 09:00

Direct detection of Kaluza-Klein dark matter

Tid: 9. apr. 2021 15:30

Supervised Learning in a Nuclear Physics Experiment

Tid: 24. mars 2021 09:00

Ship traffic flow simulated by source panel method

Tid: 8. mars 2021 17:30

An Exploration of Network Dynamics in a Comprehensive Network Model of Mouse Primary Visual Cortex

Tid: 4. mars 2021 09:30

An AD5940-based instrument for bioimpedance spectroscopy and electrochemical sensing

Tid: 3. mars 2021 09:00

Sammenligning av kardiologisk og algoritmebasert EKG-tolkning på idrettsutøvere: Kan kunstig intelligens forbedre algoritmene?

Tid: 17. feb. 2021 10:00

Sequential 3D Cyclic ADC

Tid: 5. feb. 2021 09:00

On-chip receiver RF front-end

Tid: 2. feb. 2021 09:00

Development and Assessment of Electrodes and Instrumentation for Plantar Skin Impedance Measurements

Tid: 22. jan. 2021 10:00

Implantable Bluetooth Low Energy Embedded Sensor System

Tid: 15. jan. 2021 10:00

Characterizing and calibrating gyroscopes to be used in attitude determinaton systems

Tid: 14. jan. 2021

Novel production pathways for the 64,67Cu theranostic pair: Cross section measurements for the natZn(n, x)64,67Cu reactions

Tid: 8. jan. 2021

Immunogenic signaling in lung cancer in response to ionizing radiation