Tid: 20. sep. 2021 10:15

Investigation into the Implementation of a Frequency-to-digital Sigma-delta Modulator ADC based on 3D Sequential Integration


Tid: 10. sep. 2021 09:45

Multi-channel Electrical Impedance Tomography with Field Programmable Gate Array

Tid: 26. aug. 2021 13:15

Cyclic ADC for Langmuir Probes in 180nm CMOS

Tid: 26. aug. 2021 10:15

Sequential 3D Read-Out Integrated Circuit for Micro-Bolometer

Tid: 28. juni 2021 13:00

FPGA Based Readout System for testing multi-Needle Langmuir Probe ASIC

Tid: 25. juni 2021 11:15

Surveillance System for Autonomous Survey Vehicles

Tid: 23. juni 2021 10:00

The Six Spot Step Test for patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Tid: 21. juni 2021 15:30

Deep Learning-based Segmentation of White Matter Hyperintensities in Magnetic Resonance Images: An Early Marker for Developement of Alzheimer’s Disease

Tid: 18. juni 2021 09:30

Assessing Bioimpedance as a Method for Determining Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Marginalised Livers during Machine Perfusion

Tid: 14. juni 2021 10:00

Lucas Cell-Based Radon Detector Prototype For Consumer Applications

Tid: 14. mai 2021 10:00

System-on-chip based instrument for studying memristive properties of carbon nanostructures

Tid: 4. mars 2021 09:30

An AD5940-based instrument for bioimpedance spectroscopy and electrochemical sensing

Tid: 3. mars 2021 09:00

Sammenligning av kardiologisk og algoritmebasert EKG-tolkning på idrettsutøvere: Kan kunstig intelligens forbedre algoritmene?

Tid: 17. feb. 2021 10:00

Sequential 3D Cyclic ADC

Tid: 5. feb. 2021 09:00

On-chip receiver RF front-end

Tid: 2. feb. 2021 09:00

Development and Assessment of Electrodes and Instrumentation for Plantar Skin Impedance Measurements

Tid: 22. jan. 2021 10:00

Implantable Bluetooth Low Energy Embedded Sensor System

Tid: 15. jan. 2021 10:00

Characterizing and calibrating gyroscopes to be used in attitude determinaton systems