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'Natur i Norge' map over Finse

In collaboration with LATICE, Anders Bryn and Peter Horvath have mapped ecosystem types within two areas at Finse, Norway, according to the 'Natur i Norge' system. The results are published in NHM Rapport 96, and the maps are available online.

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UiO Natural History Museum report nr. 96

Area-wide ecosystem-type maps according to NiN generalize and reproduce the ecological structures in the landscape. Such maps can cover many purposes, but in this context two things in particular have been important:

  1. the maps can be included in the training of new surveyors
  2. they can be included in the research that takes place at Finse. 

Two areas on Finse in Western Norway have been mapped according to Nature in Norway's guide for mapping at a scale of 1: 5000 (Bryn et al. 2018). One area is centered around the flux tower of the Meteorological Institute at the Alpine Research station (0.76 km2). The other area is located on Vesle Hansbunuten (1 km2), just south of Finsefetene.

For more information, please visit the news page and project's GitHub page.

Full report can be found from here.


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Published Oct. 20, 2020 11:27 AM