Mac @ Geo

The IT staff at Dept. of Geosciences offers limited support for Mac.

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Mac at Geofag

Macs are great machines, but we (IT staff) have limited resources. This page outlines what you can expect as a Mac user at the department.


Macs are expensive. In general, the department cannot provide Macs to employees unless you can pay for it with grant money (as per department policy). Depending on configuration, a 27" iMac will set you back NOK 15000–25000 +25% VAT (spring 2017). Or more!

In addition, we are required to purchase Apple Care for Enterprise (ACE), for an additional cost of (currently) NOK 1734. The support runs for 3 years. Outside this, the project (grant) assumes responsibility for the hardware.

At the present, Macs are purchased by the IT staff from Itello, through Basware PM.


The IT staff support Mac OSX in accordance to the Mac services provided by USIT. Currently, this means the Mac will be set up with Apple's Device Enrollment Program and managed by Airwatch, as outlined by USIT. The setup will provide you with access to your home directory, synchronize your username and password, set up pullprint queues, and give you access to some pre-configured Mac software, as well as Macprog.

We have no support for geo-specific software for Mac. You will have to find and install this yourself, and manage licenses by your own.

If you can justify the need, you can have administrator privileges. Note that this enables you to mess up your system configuration and setup. If this happens, our offer will be to reinstall the machine to a pristine state.

We can not fix problems for machines not set up as described here.


Many Apple devices can't handle accented characters in passwords.  If you have æ, ø, å, é, ï or other non-ASCII letters in your passwords, consider changing it to something else.

By Hans Peter
Published Jan. 26, 2016 2:57 PM - Last modified Sep. 24, 2019 11:16 AM