Young Research Parliament

The Hylleraas Centre is committed to realize an inclusive work environment, where the young researchers can actively shape their career development, define their own research lines, and at the same time contribute to the long-term scientific goals of the Centre.

The Young Researchers Parliament (YRP) of the Hylleraas Centre was officially established in 2019. Our vision is to create a platform to voice our opinions and take part in the decision-making process at the Hylleraas Centre. The YRP is managed by two elected representatives from each node of the Centre. The YRP representatives facilitate the exchange of information and opinions between the Management Team and the young researchers (YRs) at the Centre. PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and other YRswith a temporary position at the Hylleraas Centre are taking advantage of this opportunity to submit their own proposals and views on how things are run on a day-to-day basis at the Centre.

An important mission of the YRP is to motivate and support the YRs in their professional development training and career planning. In addition to organizing the physical Hylleraas Annual meeting, the YRP initiated two annual events focused on the YRs — The Alumni Talks and the Five-Minutes Thesis (5MT) presentations. To inspire and help the YRs in planning their future career, the YRP invites previous members and collaborators to give a short seminar about the career choices and the position they hold today, whether it is in academia or in industry. In addition, the YRP arranges sessions of 5MT presentations where master’s and PhD students present their research in an engaging and compelling way. This new activity is also an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of the diverse expertise of the whole centre and to expand the collaborations within the different research themes.


Elected YRP representatives, by year

2022-2023: Marinella de'Giovanetti (UiO), Gabriel Gerez (UiT), Hannes Kneiding (UiO), Tonje Reinholdt Haugen (UiT).

2021-2022: Bente S. Barge (UiT), Mahika Luthra (UiO), Samiran Sen (UiO), Ryan Wilkins (UiT).

YRP representatives 2021-2022, from the Hylleraas annual meeting in Hamn in Senja (September 2021). ​​

2020-2021: Abril Castro (UiO), Karolina Solheimslid Eikås (UiT), Samiran Sen (UiO), Ryan Wilkins (UiT).

2019-2020: Abril Castro (UiO), Karolina Solheimslid Eikås (UiT), Julie Héron (UiO), Lukas Konecny (UiT).


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