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Procedure for general HSE training at IBV

Procedure for general health and safety training at IBV. The procedure applies for all.

The procedure should ensure that all employees and students know the necessary health and safety routines to ensure a safe student and working environment.


It is mandatory to complete the web course HMS0501 HSE - Is it really necessary? This gives you an introduction to HSE at UiO. Training is confirmed by filling in self declaration form. This will grant you access to Kristine Bonnevies house and keys for your office. You can edit this form after sending it in. Go to the "Nettskjema" front page, choose "My invitations and submissions" and the form you want to edit.

Fire Safety

See the video about Fire Safety (only in Norwegian). Locate your nearest emergency exit/Fire alarm/extinguishing equipment etc.
Read the general fire instructions and find your floor contact(s).

First aid and Preparedness

Everyone must read the first aid and preparedness information available on the IBV webpages.
UiO offers a first aid course for all employees and students.

Every second year, IBV offers a course in the use of defibrillators for all employees.

You should become familiar with "på den sikre siden". Universitet og høyskolesektoren har gått sammen om en felles løsning for opplæring og informasjon om beredskap. På den sikresiden finnes både som en applikasjon og en nettside.
Det gis forebyggende opplæring og råd om hva du skal gjøre i en krisesituasjon og hvordan du kan planlegge for å unngå en krisesituasjon.

Technical building challenges

Need to change a light bulb or other daily maintenance needs? Send message to EA  / Send melding til Eiendomsavdelingen (in Norwegian).


Many walls in Kristine Bonnevies hus contain asbestos, hence the following precautions should be followed:

  • It is prohibited to mount nails and screws in the walls
  • It is prohibited to use pins, tape, post-it notes or tack-it on the walls
  • It is prohibited to remove nails and screws in the walls
  • Damages to the walls must be reported.
  • Asbestos in the walls is sealed by paint, hence poorly maintained walls should be reported.
  • When offices are vacant, painting should be considered.
  • Before installation screens, whiteboards etc. contact EA.

Heavy metals

Some old laboratory faucets may contain heavy metals. Water from these taps should not be consumed.


The stairs in KB house are not built after contemporary standards. Keep to the right and take care!


Leader is responsible for ensuring that information is given and the procedure is followed.


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