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Local Working Environment Committee

The Local Working Environment Committee´s (LAMU) goal is to work for a good working and educational environment at the Department of Biosciences.

The number of representatives is the same  from the employer's and  from the employees' side in LAMU. In addition, the students have a student representative with voting rights in student related issues.  The UiO Estate department (EA) has a representative without voting rights. The committee's health and safety coordinator is the LAMU secretary.

Link if you want to learn more about working environment committees at UiO

The Employee and the employer  sides at IBV alternate every year to lead LAMU. 

Composition LAMU members 2021 - 2022 Deputy member
Employer Arne Klungland, Head of Department, leader of IBV-LAMU 2021 Melinka Alonso Butenko, Deputy Head of Department,

Åshild Maria Eftevåg

Head of Office, deputy leader of IBV-LAMU 2019
Ann Elisabeth Mellbye, HR adviser IBV
Employee Vegard Iversen, Senior safety representative, leader of IBV-LAMU 2022 NN, deputy Senior safety representative
Employee Cathrine Fagernes, employee representative, deputy leader of IBV-LAMU 2022  
Student representative (observer) Thea Madicken Eugenie Bildsten   
EA (observer)

Mouhammad Alshbib, Administrative Manager, Building maintenance Lower Blindern,

Jan Erik Olsen, Works Coordinattor Building maintenance Lower Blindern,
Secretary Kathrine Schou, HMS-coordinator IBV Åshild Maria Eftevåg, Head of Office IBV


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