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New safety representatives at IBV

We have new safety representatives at the department. Do you know who your safety representative is and what the safety representative can help you with?


Foto: UiO/Simen Kjellin.

Who is IBV's new safety representative 2021/22?

  • Ola Nordbye Rundberget: The section administrasjonen (ADM)
    • Substitute: Kari B. Rygg
  • Stein Fredriksen: The section for Aquatic biology and toxicology (AQUA)
    • Substitute: Josefin Titelman
  • Nils-Jørgen Knudsen Dal: The Section for Physiology and Cell biology (FYSCELL)
    • Substitute: Tove Klungevik
  • Tore Wallem: Center for ecological and evolutionary syntehesis (CEES)
    • Substitute: Morten Skage
  • Vegard Iversen: The Section for Genetics and Evolutionary Biology (EVOGENE)
    • Substitute: Håvard Kauserud
  • Margarita Anna Strozynski: The Section for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB)
    • Substitute: Pål Falnes

Who is IBV's leading safety representative 2021/22?

Vegar Iversen will be our leading safety representative for 2021/22. In 2020, leading safety representatives have led LAMU. Vegard is also part of the HSE group at IBV.

What can the safety representative help you with?

  • Represent the employees in matters concerning the working environment.
  • Ensure that the safety, health and welfare of employees are taken care of by the employer.
  • Participate in the establishment and maintenance of a systematic health, environment and safety work.
  • Collaborate with the leader in the work of caring for and developing the working environment.

Do you have matters concerning your working environment, contact your safety representative? Examples of cases can be anything from protective installations in laboratories, to maintenance of space to stress and social work environment. And now pandemic related issues.

Work environment

At IBV, we have a LAMU (local working environment) committee where representatives from safety representatives, employees and management have a dialogue on work environment-related issues. If you have cases to LAMU, report this to Vegard Iversen and Cathrine Fagernes.

Published Dec. 17, 2020 9:55 AM - Last modified Dec. 17, 2020 9:55 AM