Josefin Titelman

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Phone +47 22 854501
Room 4419
Visiting address Kristine Bonnevies hus Blindernveien 31 0371 OSLO Norway
Postal address P.O. Box 1066 Blindern 0316 OSLO Norway

Research Interests

I have broad interests in zooplankton ecology and behavior. What do plankton do?  How, why and when do they employ different behavioral strategies? How does the physical environment and morphology constrain behavior? How does risk shape life history traits? What are the implications of small scale individual (inter)actions for larger scale phenomena such as predator-prey interactions, population dynamics, community structure or pelagic flux?


Post docs

PhD students

  • Sandra Gran Stadnicenko. Diversity and community dynamics of small eukaryotes in changing seas (co-supervisor)

  • Lina Allesson.  Biotic and biotic determinants of the O2:CO2-ratio in lakes (co-supervisor)

  • Torben Lode. Copepod life history strategies under multiple stressors (co-supervisor)

  • Andrea Lenderink. DNA damage and repair in marine organisms (co-supervisor)

Former PhD students

Tags: Ecology, Marine ecology, Pelagic ecology, Behavioral ecology, Plankton, Zooplankton, Jellyfish

Selected publications

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