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February 5

Communication team 

The Science Library (Realfagsbiblioteket) agreed to participate in the LOOP communication group. They will provide offices and meeting rooms, information flow systems and being a window out to the society. 


The Science Library, the communication advisor at IBV (Elina Melteig) and the Laboratory School (teaching biology to secondary school teachers, Tone Gregers) are integrated in the LOOP proposal to UiO Life Science, as a team responsible for dissemination and outreach. 

The communication advisor at IBV, Elina Melteig, will participate in field work at Lindum AS in the LOOP BIO2020 bachelor course, and will write about it for the UiO web.


Web pages for LOOP

The first draft of a web page for LOOP. 


E-mail lists

I am about to make a epost-list for all participants - something like loop@xxx. I will follow up.


Network of people

Dag and I have met several scientists at IBV the last week:

1. We have had a skype meeting with competent people at NMBU that are experts in gas and microbial diveristy.

2. Pål Trosvik and Eric de Muinck and other young investigators are in the front of the development of new methods in microbe studies and both very welcome and very interested to participate. 

3. Dag have initiated contact with Anne Hope Jahren - she is heading the new lab in stable isotopes that are useful for tracing compounds in the environments etc. Dag will meet her Tuesday.

4. Kristin and Susanne - did you contact any of the people you mentioned?


Other research proposals

Ketil and I will be involved in a proposal to Oslofjordfondet - the proposal will be submitted February 15 (puhhh... ) and will basically be a LOOP project - the applicant is Grønt skifte at the magic fabric. 

Pål Trosvik and Eric de Muinck will are two young tallented investigators that will participate (with their recently innovated methods) and look for oportunities to link their future proposals to LOOP. Hence there are potential to expand the team by providing LOOP as a ground for young researches to get grants. They will map possible sources of funding for themselves and thereby also for the whole LOOP project - they will write a section in the proposal about  LOOP as perfect ground for young reseachers to build their own careers. 


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