Nanoparticle drug delivery - Griffiths Group

Our research focuses on the treatment of tuberculosis and cancer using nano-sized drug carriers readily observable in cultured cells and zebrafish models.

Gareth Griffiths Group.

Gareth Griffiths Group. Photo: Federico Fenaroli, UiO.

Nanoparticles are increasingly considered an attractive alternative to standard free drugs for chemotheraphy. The idea is to target the drug inside a particle selectively to the site of the disease.

In addition to using cultured cells as in vitro models, in the past 10 years, we have established zebrafish models for cancer and tuberculosis (picture below) where we test fluorescent nanoparticles containing drugs for their accumulation in the area of interest and for their efficacy.

Zebrafish model of Tuberculosis(left) and Cancer(right).
Photo: Federico Fenaroli, UiO.

The zebrafish embryo is transparent allowing real time, non invasive visualization of nanoparticles and cells with which they interact inside the fish. 

Nanoparticles accumulating in the cancer area of a Zebrafish embryo
Photo: Federico Fenaroli, UiO.


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