My Background in NH

I grew up in the small town of Gorham, New Hampshire. Not so different from Oslo, Gorham is surrounded by forest… Birches, maples, oaks and evergreen spruce, pine and fir. This time of year, the landscape it dotted with orange, yellow and red from mountain top to valley bottom. The forest, rivers and mountains define the culture, industry and beauty of our region.

My House in Gorham, NH (NH Photo:

A history of Trees

Once one of the largest cities in New Hampshire, Berlin was a center for logging in early 1900s. The forests provided the timber and the rivers carried it downstream for easy shipping. The ski trails in Oslo`s Nordmarka were created for the same reason!

Check out this Video: River Log Drive


Log Drives in Norway, Photos: Norsk Skogmuseum

Scandinavia in NH?!

Many immigrants came to Berlin to join the prosperous logging business, including some from Norway!

Check out this video, "Moving images of the Past."

Photo: Berlin, NH History

The longest running ski club in the United States was founded in Berlin NH by a group of Scandinavian families living in my home area. Just like the ski clubs here, they introduced trails, competitions and even ski jumps to the region!

Photo: Nansen Ski Club



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