Eigil Reimers

Professor emeritus
Bilde av Eigil Reimers
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Mobiltelefon +47 952 42 874
Besøksadresse Blindernveien 31 0372 OSLO Norway
Postadresse P.O. Box 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo Norway


1982                Dr. philos. Division of General Physiology, University of Oslo.

1962-68           Graduate studies, biology, mathematics and chemistry, at the University of Oslo.

1961                Economy and business administration at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

1959-60           Military service. Retired army lieutenant.

1959                Business high school, Oslo.

1952-58           Grammar school, Oslo.


Teaching, supervisor & sensor experience 

  • Various courses, seminars and guest lectures within the topics: General ecology, Arctic and Alpine biology, Wildlife management, Reindeer ecology, Mammalian herbivores, Sociobiology at: University of Oslo; University of Trondheim; University of Tromsø, Agricultural University of Norway; Telemark District University; University of Alaska; the Smithsonian institutions in Washington DC: Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John's.
  • Graduate supervisor at the Agricultural University of Norway, the Universities of Oslo and Trondheim and the Telemark District University. Thesis opponent/censor (dr. scient., cand. scient., sivilagronom) at the same institutions.
  • Teaching experience: BZ 351b (Bioenergetics), BZ 355 (Ethical standards in animal science), BZ 202 (Terrestrial vertebrates) and BIO 272 (Primatology and human evolution), Center for development and environment (SUM) at the University of Oslo. Teaching Zoology (40 lecturing hours) and Wildlife biology (5 lecturing hours) at the Norwegian College of Veterinary Science.
  • Advisor to the MAB (Man and the Biosphere) Steering committee 1974-1984.
  • Previously permanent censor at The Institute of Nature Conservancy, The Agricultural University of Norway and occasional thesis censor at the University of Oslo, University of Trondheim, Norwegian University of LifeSciences and Telemark District University.
  • Member of the evaluation committee and opponent for 7 dr. scient. Candidates and 5 university positions (4 first amanuenses and 1 full professor).
  • Supervised 22 Cand. Scient/Master degrees and 2 Dr. scient./PhD students at the University of Oslo and 10 Cand. Scient./Master degrees at the Norwegian agricultural university (UMB), NTNU in Trondheim, University of Aarhus.
  • Occasional referee for NATO Scientific Affairs Division, National Science Foundation and National Geographic Society in USA, The Research Council of Norway and the following scientific journals: Canadian journal of Zoology, Holarctic Ecology, Journal of Wildlife Management, Journal of Fish Biology, Arctic and Alpine Research, Rangifer, Polar Research, Alces, Biological Conservation, Ecography, Annales Zoologici Fennici.


Work experience

2009-               Professor emeritus at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU) and University of Oslo, Department of Biosciences (IBV).

2004-08           Project leader NFR (The Research Council of Norway) project 154020/720 “Reindeer and caribou; tolerance limits to habitat fragmentation and anthropogenic activities”.

1990-07           Teaching Wildlife biology and General zoology at the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science (NVH) now Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU).

1989-03           Free-lance research biologist at the University of Oslo, Division of General Physiology. Environmental consultant for various State and private agencies.

1984-89           Director Svanøy Foundation. Aquaculture and game farm production and research unit with 30 employees and an annual turnover of 20 million NKr.

1979-84           Free-lance research biologist at the University of Oslo, Division of general physiology.

1978-79           Information officer at the Norwegian Polar Research Institute. Resigned from the position April 30, 1979 to work on my doctorate and to organize the Second International Reindeer/Caribou Symposium.

1974-75           Polar region consultant with the Norwegian Ministry of Environment.

1970-71           Research associate at the University of Alaska: reindeer/caribou nutrition and population dyna­mics.

1964-70, 1972-74, 1975-78 Employed by the Norwegian State Game Research Institute. Main responsibilities included reindeer research (population dynamics, nutrition, reindeer behaviour relating to hydroelectric and industrial development), wildlife management and public information.


Field experience

1964-                Summer and winter field work in wild reindeer ranges in southern Norway, Svalbard, Alaska, USA, Newfoundland, Canada, East- and West Greenland, Iceland.
Svanøy Foundation and aquaculture work at the fish farm units, and wildlife research at the game unit 1984-89.


International meetings

Invited chairman or key note speaker at 14 international conferences. 


Other activities

  • Student representative in the Biology building (Kristine Bonnevie Building) planning committee 1964-68
  • Member of Zoologisk Fagutvalg 1963-67
  • Member of the scientific board of World Wildlife Fund in Norway 1972-84
  • Member of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group 1974-75
  • Organizer, financial coordinator and chairman of the Second International Reindeer/Caribou Symposium held in Røros, Norway in 1979
  • Designed the Norwegian UNESCO-MAB project on Svalbard reindeer, running from 1975-85
  • Member of the board from 1977 and board chairman 1980-85 in Thor's Kemiske Fabrikker A/S, Member of the Svanøy Foundation Scientific Board from 1989-98
  • Member or chairman of various committees or boards including "Farming of cervids", "Decoration Green", "A marten project", "Viltstel­lutvalget i Norges Jeger- og Fiskerforbund 1980-85", "Production of Shellfish in Norway"
  • 5th World Wilderness Congress Norway
  • Private appointed expert in The Norwegian High Court regarding Hydroelectric development and wild reindeer (1985)
  • Private appointed expert in lawsuit regarding Meløyfloen nature reserve (1986)
  • Assistant judge in Orkdal County Court regarding a conflict between wild reindeer and domestic reindeer interests (1991)
  • Court appointed expert in Gulating court regarding hydroelectric development and wild reindeer (1993)
  • Member of the environmental board of The Norwegion Tourist Association (DNT) from 2000-2012
  • Member of Christiania Jægerklub (1875) from 1990
  • Member of Ørretklubben (1924) from 1968
  • Appointed member of the research application evaluation board of the Research Council of Norway in 2002
  • Member of The Norwegian Scientific Academy for Polar Research from 2013
  • Awarded the Ig Nobel Price in Arctic Science for 2014.


Current research interests

  • Reindeer/caribou population ecology.
  • Vigilance, fright and flight behavior in wild reindeer (Svalbard and southern Norway) in relation to predators and human activities.
  • Reindeer area use in relation to human activities.
  • Predator – prey relationship.


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