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Telefon +47 93928415
Besøksadresse Blindernveien 31 0371 Oslo
Postadresse Postboks 1066 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Research Interests

The brain has the incredible ability to adapt, learn and remember new skills without erasing old memories. The underlying mechanisms are not well understood especially towards understanding the very long life times of memories.

My main research expertise lies in the areas of computational neuroscience/biology, learning in neural systems, neuromorphic engineering and theoretical physics, along with research interests in:

  • Learning (including deep learning) in artificial and spiking neural networks
  • Molecular mechanisms underlying Synaptic plasticity
  • Neuromorphic Engineering
  • Neural-glial-ECM signalling and dynamics
  • Learning and memory in neuronal dendrites
  • Nonlinear neural dynamics and stochastic processes
  • Macroscopic measurement processes (LFP, EEG etc).

If you are looking for a project (co-)supervisor for your Masters or PhD or you would like to collaborate then please contact me via email, researchgate or LinkedIn.

Emneord: Spiking Neurons, Neuromorphic Engineering, Neural Networks, Theoretical Neuroscience, Mathematical Biology


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  • Iannella, Nicolangelo Libero; Prydz, Kristian; Malthe-Sørensen, Anders; Einevoll, Gaute & Fyhn, Marianne (2020). A framework for modelling neuronal-ECM signalling.
  • Iannella, Nicolangelo Libero (2019). The balance between learning and representation: What does neuronal morphology have to do with this?
  • Iannella, Nicolangelo Libero; Prydz, Kristian; Malthe-Sørensen, Anders; Einevoll, Gaute & Fyhn, Marianne (2019). A new framework for modelling neural-ECM signalling and interaction.
  • Iannella, Nicolangelo Libero & Mäki-Marttunen, Tuomo (2019). Modelling intracellular cascades and neural plasticity.
  • Iannella, Nicolangelo Libero; Prydz, Kristian; Malthe-Sørensen, Anders; Einevoll, Gaute & Fyhn, Marianne (2019). A new framework for modelling neural-ECM signaling.

Se alle arbeider i Cristin

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