Big data access in health

Do you want to contribute to the improvement of the healthcare sector? This master thesis will be carried out as part of a new Norwegian project on ICT in healthcare. The aim is to facilitate the integration of health datasets and then allow searching across these inter-related data. In this way, access to patient data will be facilitated, and physicians will need less time and effort to gather information for their needs.

In this project, we aim to reuse previous developments from the LogID group. Specifically, the Optique platform will be employed in the back-end for the integration of health datasets; in the front-end, we plan to adapt the visual interfaces of PepeSearch and OptiqueVQS (see pointers).

This master thesis involves work with the Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital. The student is expected to contribute and explore in some of the following research themes:

  • UI design of search interfaces in clinical care
  • Usability experiments with physicians
  • Integration of health datasets
  • Mapping of health domain ontologies to databases

 - Searching the Norwegian Registry of Companies with PepeSearch
 - Searching the Norwegian Registry of Companies with OptiqueVQS*

Emneord: big data, Health, Health Information Systems, intelligent data, visual query interfaces
Publisert 18. sep. 2015 12:39 - Sist endret 13. aug. 2018 20:57

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