Available theses from Analytical Solutions and Reasoning (ASR)

Here are the slides from the information meeting on 18 October 2021.


Tittel Publisert Veileder(e)
Fair and Explainable AI 30. sep. 2022
Dynamic link prediction and time prediction on Temporal Knowledge Graphs 22. sep. 2022
Explainable ML for sleep-related respiratory disorders 13. sep. 2022
From sensor to ML – Integrated data warehouse support for health data acquisition, curation, management and ML 13. sep. 2022
Innovation Knowledge Graph for understanding innovation lifecycle 18. aug. 2022
Specs2Transform: from the specification of semantic annotations of tabular data to ETL pipelines for big data 15. aug. 2022
Evaluation of the impact of semantic enrichment on downstream analytics 15. aug. 2022
Data Locality for Big Data Pipelines on the Computing Continuum 4. nov. 2021
Knowledge Graphs for Modeling and Analyzing how the Brain Works 4. nov. 2021
Data Science: Data prep | Data pipelines 4. nov. 2021
Using Machine Learning to Predict Power Quality Fluctuations 4. nov. 2021
Using Explainable AI in Predictive Models for Power System Events 4. nov. 2021
Logisk resonnering om programmeringsspråk 22. okt. 2021
Privacy in data stream processing 20. okt. 2021
Analysing Cognitive Controllers 18. okt. 2021
Towards the digitalization of user-centric service processes 18. okt. 2021
Verification of Meta-controllers 14. okt. 2021
Reinforcement Learning for Knowledge Graphs 14. okt. 2021
Declarative vs procedural data manipulation languages – state of the art analysis 11. okt. 2021
Comparing trainability of Graph Neural Networks for logic-expressible functions 30. sep. 2021
Using Graph Neural Networks, Explainable AI, Property Graphs & Virtual Reality for computational support in discovering and developing drugs, vaccines & therapies 8. sep. 2021
Ontology Summarization via Machine Learning Techniques 8. sep. 2021
Knowledge Graphs-based real-time Digital Twins with analytics support 29. juni 2021
Collaborative Image Annotation for Deep Learning 7. mai 2021
Contextualizing images with heterogenous data from multiple sources 7. mai 2021
Applied and Theoretical Research on Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) 5. mars 2021
Selected Topics in Cellular Automata 13. okt. 2020
Digital Twins for Biomedical Applications - Virtual Labs 1. okt. 2020
Digital Twins for Smart Cities in the Context of Climate Change 1. okt. 2020
Data Visualization for Discrete Event Models 30. sep. 2020
Formell semantikk for autonome roboter i CRAM. 22. sep. 2020
Easy Query Formulation for Complex Relationships 12. aug. 2020
Reinforcement learning with biased models 25. sep. 2019
Differential privacy in online learning 25. sep. 2019
Finding explanation for ontologies 25. sep. 2019
Semi-Automated experiment design 25. sep. 2019
Fairness in Markov decision processes 25. sep. 2019
Satisfiability Modulo Theories in Planning and Verification 12. sep. 2019
Data Management Platform for Citizen Science 19. aug. 2019
User-friendly Data and Domain Exploration 19. aug. 2019
Using Machine Learning for Data Linking 19. aug. 2019
Using Crowd-sourcing for Data Curation 19. aug. 2019
Using Machine Learning for Data Curation 19. aug. 2019
Using Machine Learning for Data Preprocessing 19. aug. 2019
Visual Query Formulation for Temporal Data 19. aug. 2019
Visual Query Formulation for Geospatial Data 19. aug. 2019
A Visual Tool for Creating Data Mapping Definitions 19. aug. 2019
Cognitive and Algorithmic Biases: Ontology Design and System for Bias Management 12. aug. 2019
Data Science related MSc topics 11. sep. 2018
A Better Grep 6. juli 2018