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Blockchain in Cyber Threat Intelligence

It is a fact that Cyber Threat Intelligence allow organizations to strengthen their security operations and increase situational awareness. However, many organizations are reluctant on sharing cyberthreat intelligence due to the concern of unintentionally disclosing sensitive information. Leveraging blockchain for sharing cyber threat intelligence will allow high fidelity collective and actionable knowledge being always available and shared rapidly and transparently.


This Master thesis will focus on investigating and possibly contributing in developing novel blockchain technology for sharing cyber threat intelligence. The use of blockchain technology will alleviate concerns regarding the integrity, trust, and availability of the threat information shared, as well as the anonymity of the entities contributing.


For more information contact - vasileim[@]ifi[.]uio[.]no

Publisert 20. aug. 2019 15:55 - Sist endret 29. nov. 2019 14:18


  • Nikola Medic

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