Available Master´s theses for Informatics: Programming and System Architecture

Students may choose between two specializations: Distributed syststems and networks, and Software.

You can get supervision from several different research groups groups provided below offering a variety of topics and Master's thesis.  Please contact relevant supervisors if you would like to discuss individual ideas and define new projects.

All theses for Informatics: Programming and System Architecture.

Reliable Systems (PSY)

The research group works with the following topics:

  • open distributed systems
  • object-oriented and functional languages
  • frameworks and languages for specification and modeling
  • specification, modelling, refinement and verification
  • security and vulnerability
  • language-based security
  • privacy analysis
  • logic and automated deduction

Available theses with supervisors from PSY

Networks and Distributed Systems (ND)

Our goal is to investigate paradigms, architectures, and methods that facilitate creation of new secure networked applications. We put a strong emphasis on user satisfaction with respect to security, reliability, low delay, etc. We validate our results in a variety of ways, using both prototypes and real-life demonstrations.

Available theses with supervisors from ND

Distributed multimedia systems (DMMS)

The Distributed Multimedia Systems (DMMS) research group is aiming to improve future networks and middleware for advanced multimedia applications. Multimedia does not only mean audio and video, but also sensor data of any kind. We investigate context-aware and self-adapting solutions for transmission, distribution and management of (multimedia) data.

Available theses with supervisors from DMMS

Biomedicial Informatics (BMI)

The Biomedicial Informatics research group (BMI) focuses on computational and statistical applications in the medical and biological sciences. Combined, the two research areas bioinformatics and statistical genomics cover most of our activities.

Available theses with supervisors from BMI

Information Systems (IS)

The Information Systems (IS) research group analyzes the relationships between digital platforms, global public health and broader development processes through interventionist, action research methods, what we call Digital Platforms for Development (P4D).


Available theses with supervisors from IS

Analytical Solutions and Reasoning (ASR)

The Analytical Solutions and Reasoning (ASR) research group work on these three research areas:

  • Modeling: Ontologies, Active Objects, Rewriting Logic
  • Analysis: Simulation, Verification, Theorem Proving, Model Checking, Static Analysis
  • Model-driven information systems: Semantic Technologies, Data Integration, Data Access, Databases

Available theses with supervisors from ASR

Software Engineering (SE)

E teaches and conducts research in a variety of topics in software engineering. The research is primary within the following areas :

  • Agile methods
  • System development
  • Technical debt
  • Software testing
  • Evaluation of IT competences and skills
  • Software Process Improvement
  • Research methods in software engineering

Available theses with supervisors from SE

Programming Technology (PT)

This group develops tools and programming languages that are fundamental to all IT-systems.

Available theses with supervisors from PT

Computing Education (ITU)

Computing Education investigates how programming and other IT-aspects are best taught in schools and at institutions of higher education.

Available theses with supervisors from ITU

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