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Completing your master's thesis

Final exam

The final exam of your master's study consists of handing in your master's thesis, a public oral presentation, followed by an oral exam.   
The main deadline is 15 May.
Your supervisor must hand in the announcement of master's degree exam (online form) to the student administration at least 3 weeks before your thesis is due to be handed in.

Master's theses spring semester 2021

Due to the ongoing situation with the corona virus, new guidelines have been implemented. 
You may hand in MNs application form for self-notification of master's thesis.
Should you have any questions, please contact the Department of Chemistry.

Final exam spring 2021

In the spring semester 2021, defending your master's thesis will be arranged digitally via Zoom. 
The examination board will set up a digital room where you will present your thesis.  
The master's presentation is public and will be announced on the web pages of the Department of Chemistry. 
After the presentation, the final examination will take place in a separate (and closed) digital room with an internal and external examiner.

Handing in your thesis

Deadline for handing in your master's thesis is 15 May.
Front page templates from the MN faculty

The master's thesis is to be handed in by the deadline until 12.00 using Inspera.
If the deadline falls on a Saturday/Sunday/public holiday, the deadline will be extended to the first regular weekday.
More information on how to deliver your thesis in Inspera

You must also hand in your thesis to DUO in Studentweb.  

Printing your thesis

You can order prints of your thesis at the University Print Centre (Reprosentralen)
The department will cover the costs of copies for you and your supervisor(s).

The Department of Chemistry will provide you with the information you need when ordering prints.  The department is able to cover up to 3 copies of your thesis (or NOK 600, including colour pages). If you have more than 5 to 6 colour pages, the cost might be higher than NOK 600; if you so you will have to cover the cost yourself (price list)

Extended deadline

You can apply for an extension for handing in your thesis due to unforeseen circumstances in the project, or illness (yours, or your children's'). 
Unforeseen problems with your project/thesis must be documented.
Illness must be documented by a medical certificate from a doctor and is to be handed to the reception at the Department of Chemistry before the deadline.
A new deadline will be determined by the department.
Technical problems are to be documented by a technician, or noted in a laboratory journals.
You must apply for an extension immediately after any problems occur.

Applications for changes must be signed by you and your supervisor, and handed in to the reception at the department. 
Any changes to the master project/thesis must be approved by the Programme Board.

Release form and diploma

Your diploma will be produced by the MN faculty when the master's exam is passed. It normally takes approx. four weeks before the diploma is completed. In order to receive the diploma, you must submit a release form to the study administration at the Department of Chemistry.

Students on the Chemistry master programme deliver this release form.

Students on the MENA master programme deliver this release form.

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