REAL teaching; kick-starting the semester

Every year in August and January we arrange REAL undervisning (REAL teaching) as a kick-start of the semester with focus on teaching and learning. 

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The seminar is in Norwegian, but we would also like to include our english speaking emplyoees who are involved in teaching. Therefore we will arrange an english version of the seminar on the following day. 

Let us know if you wish to attend! 

Registration form  (submit by13th of August)

We will only arrange if the number of registrations exceeds 10 people. 



  • Welcome and introduction with  focus on MN's culture for teaching and learning. Knut Mørken, project leader for MNs work om educational development.
  • Learning centered teaching combining activities with lecturing.

In recent years, university-level science courses have increasingly moved away from traditional, lecture-based teaching and towards active learning-based methods. These methods have shown promising results, however many people are left wondering “with these changes, is there any room left for lecturing in higher education?” In this session, I will draw on the foundational study “A Time for Telling” by Schwartz and Bransford to argue that lecture can and should still be a part of university-level education, as long as it is used in an effective way. I will then describe some basic principles for how to effectively integrate lecture and activities and present several types of activities that can be used to set up for effective lecturing. Tor Ole Odden, post doc, Centre for Computing in Science Education.

  • Group discussions with focus on the challenges for group tutors and lecturers. 



The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Emneord: teaching, active learning, professional competencies
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