YMC*A 2022 - Practical Guide


Getting in:

You can find travel restrictions to Norway here.

Oslo Gardermoen Airport (IATA: OSL) is the main airport for Oslo. This entry in Wikitravel gives a good overview of the connections to the city from the airport. Another option is Sandefjord Airport (IATA: TRF), but it has fewer connections to the city.


Getting around:

Public transportation in Oslo is operated by Ruter and includes T-bane (metro), bus, tram, commuter train, and non-sightseeing boat lines. Tickets are valid for all modes of public transportation.

The price is determined by the duration of validity of the ticket and by the number of Zones traveled through. Other than traveling from and to the airport, Zone 1 should be enough. See here for a list of possible tickets and prizes.

There are two main options for buying tickets:

  • RuterBillet (app for iOS and Android).
    Payment is possible via Visa/MasterCard from most European countries or through PayPal or Apple Pay.
    There is also a newer app simply called Ruter where one can both plan a journey and buy tickets. However, for buying tickets, we recommend RuterBillet as it is much simpler to use.
  • Reisekort (Travelcard).
    A new plastic card costs 50 NOK and can be bought in most kiosks (Narvesen, 7-Eleven, Deli de Luca and Mix) or at Ruter's customer service centre or any of their service points.
    On the travelcard, one can have any of the tickets also available in the RuterBillet app. Alternatively, the travelcard can be topped with pay-as-you-go credit.

A journey with public transportation can be planned with the app Ruter or with any standard mobile mapping service.

Alongside public transportation, one can use one of the many available city bikes (in Norwegian: bysykkel). A single ride is 29 NOK. It is easiest to pay in advance either via the website or the Bysykkel app.


Event location:

All lectures and talks will take place in Auditorium 5 in Vilhelm Bjerknes Hus at Blindern campus of University of Oslo.

Address: Moltke Moes vei 35, 0851 Oslo.



Shared hostel rooms (4 beds pr. room) are provided at Anker Apartment Sentrum.

Address: Storgata 53H, 0182 Oslo.

Accommodation is possible from Sunday, August 7th, to Saturday, August 13th.

OBS! On Google Maps, Anker Apartment Sentrum is listed as Anker Hostel. Searching for Anker Apartment will lead you to a different location.


Currency and price info:

The local currency in Norway is the Norwegian Krone (NOK).
A good rule of thumb is that 10 NOK is close to 1 Euro or about 1.10 USD.

Typical payment methods in Oslo are credit cards (especially Visa and Mastercard) and debit cards (often Visa Debit, but Maestro should also work).
While it is generally possible to pay with cash, it can take some effort to acquire as there are rather few ATMs in Oslo (called minibanks).

Below are some typical prices:

One-way public transport ticket: 39 NOK
Hotel room: at least 800 NOK per night
Cup of coffee: 30-40 NOK
Lunch on campus: 70 NOK
Dinner at an inexpensive restaurant: 150-200 NOK for a main course
'Standard' beer: 90 NOK for 0.5 liter
Wine: 120 NOK per glass

Purchasing alcohol in supermarkets is only possible before 20:00 on weekdays and with an upper limit of 4.7%. For everything else there is Vinmonopolet, which closes at 18:00. Remember to bring a valid id, like your passport.

Important: Stores are closed on Sunday, with very few exceptions.



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