Geometry and analysis of quantum groups

Winter school at University of Oslo

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This winter school is funded by «Pure Mathematics in Norway», which is a part of the Mathematics Programme of the Trond Mohn Foundation with the collaboration of the Tromsø Research Foundation. It is also supported by the Norwegian Research Council through the "Quantum Symmetry" project.

Important information to those who registered before early October: By an unfortunate accident we lost your registration records. Sorry to ask you again, but please kindly send your copy of registration to us (or register again at our website) as soon as possible to confirm of your attendance unless you have heard directly from one of us. We will respond as quickly as possible, including decision of financial support and invitation letter for those who requested it.

The theory of quantum groups is a fruitful melting pot of ideas from different fields of mathematics and mathematical physics, ranging from Poisson geometry, operator algebras, tensor categories, integrable systems, and beyond. More than 30 years after its invention by Drinfeld, Jimbo, Woronowicz, and others, the interplay between these different viewpoints still provides connections leading to surprising new insights and results.

To help early stage researchers familiarize with the basics and recent developments of the theory, and also to cultivate new communication among experts working on different aspects of quantum groups, we organize a winter school at University of Oslo with distinguished international lecturers.

Time and location

  • December 6–10, 2021
  • Blindern campus, University of Oslo (we will announce precise location later)


  • Julien Bichon (University of Clermont Auvergne)
  • Gail Letzter (United States Department of Defense)
  • Pavel Safronov (University of Edinburgh)

Research talks


Go to the registration form. The deadline is September 5 for those requesting financial support, and October 31 for those participating in person.

Practical guide

See this page for practical guides, including travel information.

Tags: Operator algebras, Quantum groups
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