Here we list publications by the FocuStat participants, including also those from 2013 of relevance for the 2014-2018 project.





  • Hjort, N.L. (2014). Deilig er jorden. In Ad Fontes, festschrift for Terje Kvam, 101-103.
  • Østbye, P. (2014). Cost information-value trade-off in covariate selection. Master Thesis in statistics (supervisor: Nils LH), Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo.
  • Jullum, M. & Hjort, N.L. (2014). What price semiparametric Cox regression? [Loss of effiency under parametric regression models; methods for letting the data tell us what's best. This will grow into a proper journal paper down the road.] Technical report, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo.
  • Hermansen, G.H. & Hjort, N.L.  (2014). Model Selection and Bayesian Nonparametrics for Time Series and Nonstandard Regression Models. (Doctoral dissertation, Department of Mathematics, University of Oslo.)
  • Grønneberg, S. & Hjort, N.L. (2014). The Copula Information Criteria. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 41, 436-459. 
  • Hjort, N.L. (2014). Discussion of Efron's "Estimation and accuracy after model selection". Journal of the American Statistical Association, 110, 1017-1020.
  • Hellton, K.H. & Thoresen, M. (2014). The impact of measurement error on principal component analysis. Scandinavian Journal of Statistics, 41, 1051-1063.
  • Hermansen, G.H. & Hjort, N.L. (2014). Bernstein-von Mises theorems for nonparametric function analysis via locally constant modelling: A unified approach. Accepted for publication in Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference (to appear in 2015).
  • Hermansen, G.H. & Hjort, N.L. (2014). Focused information criteria for time series. Submitted for publication.
  • Garcia-Magariños, M., Egeland, T., López-de-Ullibarri, Hjort, N.L. & Salas, A. (2014). A parametric approach to kinship hypothesis testing using identity-by-descent parameters. Technical report, submitted for publication.
  • Walker, S.-E., Denby, B. R., Castell, N., Pross, B. & Cornford, D. (2014). Ensemble based probabilistic forecasting of air quality in Oslo and Rotterdam. Submitted for publication.
  • Cunen, C. (2014). Three PLS-based methods for variable ranking and interaction detection. (Master thesis, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.)


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